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Mechaz0r bug. but game's too fun to quit on


I thought i was imagining it but if you summon 2 mechaz0rs in 1 turn, CPG will think it’s unfair and give one of them to your opponent.

I’m not even joking this happened twice already.
I’ll upload the screenshot later. the replay is taking its time

the traitorous ass turned on me when i attacked his surgeforger

traded with wings

killed that traitorous bitchass.
added my opponent.
talked to him some
asked if he could not hit my face with strategos.
he conceded out of pity (“i had to go anyways”)

truly the ultimate wincon. Sidestory: I’ve actually begged a guy to concede once so i could get 5 gold lol. i did it because i was a few coins away from buying a booster

And that’s why i should take my leave before i break the game any further.


there is not fucking way this is an intended interaction and i’m so salty rn.


here’s the replay:


Months old but no less funny every time i see it, sorta reminds me of the two year+ old bug where if your opponent plays a zendo and you have Bangle equipped with 1 charge, you’re still forced to hit zendo twice, even if you wouldnt be able to move twice if bangle broke in a normal game. Or like that time it took them 8 months to fix Ki Beholders ability being overwritten by stuff like 3rd wish/astral.

Good times


So this is what happened while i was gone huh.

they actually made bugfixes?

man , if they made a kickstarter to just rebuild the engine from scratch and cut out a whole lot of bullshit… that’d be the dream.


In fairness to both our examples neither cases are exactly frequent situations so back when bugfixing and well, development was still a thing this would have been a very rare issue to be reported on



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