Mechaz0r, assemble! Wait... You're doing it wrong!


I want to talk Mechaz0r. I really don’t like this unit - but I won’t be ranting about balance changes here (there’s a topic with a pair of interesting mechs changes ideas), but rather about the lack of basic logic.

What is Mechaz0r? It’s a giant mech, combined from smaller ones, conveniently called Helm, Wings, Cannon, Sword and Chassis (see Mechaz0r lineup official art for reference). That’s actually cool. I loved Voltron and those giant Transformer robots from later seasons back in the 80s and 90s TV series.

Yet summoning Mechaz0r defies all logic. First of all, progress is accumulated by any component mech. Three Helms and two Wings allow you to summon Mechaz0r - but it should be some three-headed, four-winged monstrosity without torso, legs or weapons. Yuck. True Mechaz0r should require all five different components. And they should be present on-board at the same time AND be removed after Mechaz0r is summoned (like Obliterate removes creep and Deepfire Devourer kills surrounding units to gain boost). How can destroyed mechs become functioning parts of a combined robot?

Yes, it will shift the balance of mech decks tremendously (possibly beyond any possible fixes), but current situation is just stupid, IMO. But maybe it’ll stop players from creating mech-only decks. It is possible to build a mech deck with more diversity - I’ve played against such players, and it was more fun than all the mech-centered battles combined.

There is a simpler solution. And it won’t affect balance at all. :slight_smile: Just reimagine Mechaz0r as an avenger from deep space who is summoned by the beacon signal, which is boosted by each mech summon. I think it’ll be acceptable at the logical level, at least.


i have no problem with mechazor whatsoever.

the problem comes from your perspective.
you think mechazor is built because 5 different mech combined themselves.
well mechazor doesn’t have 5 colors, mechazor body part don’t look like any of the mech.
mechazor’s cannon don’t look like the cannon of cannons of mechazor (tounge twister)
mechazor’s sword don’t look like the sword of the sword of mechazor (lul)
and so on.

mechazor is a different color from every single mech.

think of it this way, each mech that came in the board gave our general mechazor’s body part because each mech can only carry 1 part due to their cargo size, after 5 mech came our general build the mechazor. does that make sense for you? if it doesn’t you can create your own scenario where it make sense.


Wait, isn’t official art Mechaz0r’s sword arm red? His wings - purple? And his in-game abilities are the abilities of different component mechs combined.

Besides - that doesn’t explain why mechs remain on board after Mechaz0r is “built” from them.


mechazor is not built from them in my scenario, each mech has a cargo space inside their body that carries mechazor’s part.

his ability is not the different mech combined, his ability is ranged, frenzy, air drop, anti spell which is the same as the other mech. doesn’t mean he has to borrow it from the other mech.

you want it so bad to be voltron like that no other explanation seems to make sense to you, let go of the feeling that it should be like voltron, reinvent the way you see mechazor.

please don’t go into the realm of the official art or you might get even more wrong.

if his sword is from the sword of mechazor why is it yellow?
if the wings are from wings of mechazor why does it glow purple? and no the wings itself isn’t purple
if the cannon is from cannon of mechazor why is it not black?
anything you see on mechazor resembling the chassis?
helm of mechazor?
if mechazor is completely built from the body of other mech, that color on it is just what? our general decided to paint it themselves?


Ah, so that’s what you meant by “cargo size”? A part inside of them? I thought you were referring to the mechs’ size (as parts). Yes, I can live with MEchaz0r being built on-site with parts other mech bring.

As for the art - that’s why I gave a link to it it the first post. Multicolored Mechaz0r is what gave me the idea of the mechs combined in the first place (not my Voltron obsession - I actually liked Transformers more :slight_smile: ). And there are colors from each mech in Mechaz0r. His wings are purple like Wings’ body, energy field in them just has other density than in Wings’ wings (it’s more like the color of the Sword’s energy(?) sword). Yellow sword comes from the Helm’s body (it’s too large for a single head). Cannon’s cannon is the most strange part - it’s actually has a different color in game.

As for his abilites - I still wonder, why give him the same set as others mechs combined instead of Provoke, for example (because he’s large and menacing)?


because mechazor might meant to be the “perfect” mech out of all, with swords, cannons, wings, and shield generator.

alright so you can clearly see that mechazor’s wing is not purple but if you insist that it is purple why is it not the wings of mechazor purple instead it’s a different purple?

the sword is yellow from helm of mechazor doesn’t make sense, so what like the sword of mechazor body part that were used was it’s arm? how does that make any sense. to top it off the red arm on mechazor don’t have the flame on it, so it is a different arm except someone choose to do a paint job before deploying.


Sorry that you had reply to all this - but now I accept your idea of a “perfect mech” Mechaz0r. Thanks :slight_smile: My head’ll hurt less now when seeing himon board.
Still - why is it multi-colored then? Each small mech built a part and colored it before storing inside? And they didn’t agree on a scheme? :grin: And of course I’ve noticed a different shade of purple on the wings (and other color “mismatches”) - but I was trying to stretch it to match the combined mech idea (maybe it’s not metal, so it’s stretched and the color becomes less intense and thoughts like that). “Parts inside mechs”-idea hasn’t even ocurred to me. Ever.


maybe it’s multi colored so that it would look cool and each of it’s weaponry pronounced more.

no problem man, actually this dicussion makes me think a lot if this game was 2d instead of pixel, boy it’ll look fantastic.


guys, they are building super mechs from normal ones in the midst of a heated battle, u think they can’t also perform a paint job in the process?


We agreed that it’s not building a supermech from normal ones, but rather on-site assembly from parts brought by those mechs. And of course paint job is no problem - these guys summon armies of all shapes and sized from thin air. It would be cool, though, to have Machaz0r a bit personalized to the faction that summoned him in battle. Greenish and bulkier for Magmar, for example, fiery for Songhai. :slight_smile:


The ultimate life-form


Why would you need “dying” animation for such godlike perfection?


Before the image loaded I thought it would be cell photoshopped on mechazor.
I’m glad i was wrong.


Just imagine the whole mehazor thingy as a cult or demonic ritual. Once you have enough cult followers chanting the “rite of mechaz0r”, Mechaz0r is summoned. Like how satanist paint pentagons and offfer lamb blood and chant their silly “Gospels” in attempt to summon a demon.


To be honest, I’ve always wanted Mechaz0r itself to be a win-condition, not an actual unit. As in, when Mechaz0r is assembled, the sprite pops up, the screen darks, Mechazor fires that diggity dank cannon, has a flashy sword animation and the enemy general drops dead- and the Victory screen features Mechazor itself with “Victory” (or maybe some other goofy type of victory a’la Killer Instinct.)

Main reason being, the current Mechaz0r is just kindof boring. Build a bunch of tempo, plop a free, difficult to answer fattie on the field, and hope it goes the distance. Actually assembling the megazord would just be 10 kinds of awesome- but ofcourse then the condition would be getting all of the parts onto the field (though, I would def want it to be something that works even if a piece is dispelled.)

Also… imagine the Serpenti mod after that ultra-combo, supreme victory?


actually sounds freaking awesome to be honest.


Warhammer 40K feel is strong with you :slight_smile: Sounds great, actually. “More plasma for the Godslaying Plasmagun, more gears for the Gearbox of Doom”


In fact, I would LOVE this. An alternative win condition - hard enough to achieve, but truly badass. With jRPG-style killing moves. Why are Civ games allowed to have different win conditions - but not Duelyst?


Or if all the parts are in your hand too

Mechzodia (Exodia from Yu Gi)

If I remember correctly that was how it worked, as soon as you have all five pieces in your hand you auto-win, or did you need to summon them? Soz been years…


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