Mechanics that may be interesting


The new expansion is soon upon us. I am a bit excited as to what is coming. I wonder what new things are in store. That said, I was wondering if we will ever see some of the other interesting mechanic from other game maybe in the future of Duelyst. For example:

Kicker (from MTG): Maybe minion or spell that when cast will empty the mana pool and the effect will be variable based on how much extra mana was emptied.

e.g. Iceburn Naga 3/3 (4) Kicker / Opening gambit: Deal X damage to nearby generals / minions per kicker cost.

[So if you cast it with 5 mana still in your pool, it will be 3/3 dealing 1 damage to all nearby general / minion. If you cast it with max 9 mana in your pool, it will be 3/3 dealing 5 damage to all nearby general / minion]

e.g. Diamond Rejuvenator 4/4 (4) Kicker / Opening gambit: Restore X health to your general per kicker cost.

[So, at 4 mana, it does nothing. but at Max mana, he can potentially restore 5 health]

What do you guys think? Of course, it need to be balanced, but this will provide card option that can be relevant until end game.


I think that would be super cool. It would definitely add a bit more variety to the game.


I suggested the “kicker” idea on a previous thread, calling it Decadence. Here is the link: Suggest new Keywords or abilities


I want Buyback.


Nah dude. Cascade :wink:


Counterspells would be nice.


Your minions have rush.

Cascade, cascade.


Cumulative Upkeep is where it’s at!

In all seriousness, I think that Banding, a horrible keyword in MTG can be interesting in Duelyst. Many times, I find myself wanting to have two of my minions occupy the same space. Perhaps an altered version of this effect could be fun in Duelyst:

Banding: You may summon other units of a certain type on the same space as this unit. If you do, this unit gains the stats and abilities of the unit summoned this way.

Zealous Aggregate
Lyonar minion
4 mana, 0/5
Cannot attack. At the end of each turn, restore health to your general equal to this minion’s attack. Banding: Lyonar minions

The Ostracon.
Vetruvian structure
5 mana 0/9
Cannot be targeted by spells or effects. Summon dervish. Banding: structures

Flaming Horde.
Magmar minion
4 mana, 0/3
Rush, Frenzy, Banding: All minions.


Nice. I was not sure if somebody would have suggested something like kicker… but I guess it make sense.

As buyback, what about spell or minion that get copied back in hand if cast with certain condition. For example:

Take that back (ala capsize) (4CC): Buyback (if this is the only spell you cast this turn - create a copy of this card in your hand)


There is a lack of interaction in duelyst during opponent turn (ala counterspell) another cardgame which I played, that is SolForge has one mechanism called ambush. The effect get triggered if your opponent do something during their turn. For example:

Combo Hater 3/4 Flying (4CC): Ambush (if your opponent play more than two cards in his turn - replace this card and summon a copy of it nearby your general)

Control Guard 1/3 Provoke (2CC): Ambush (if your opponent deal more than 6 damage to your general in his turn - replace this card and summon a copy of it nearby your general)

Zombie Man 5/4 (5CC): Ambush (if more than 2 of your minion was destroyed in your opponent turn - replace this card and summon a copy of it nearby your general)

For a less powerful version, make the card be discarded instead of being replaced.

I think this will help counter certain meta if needed. Of course, card design wise, can be more interesting, just want to show example of the mechanics.


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