MECHAB0RN - The Prophecies were true!


Just thought this was a fun idea :smiley: -


9 mana, 1/18
Requires MECHAZ0R to have been summoned to summon this minion (fix)
Your General dies and is replaced with MECHAB0RN. MECHAB0RN has his own unique bloodborn spell and a new deck full of HACKS instead of minions or spells. (Hand will remain the same and current deck size will remain the same.)

Bloodborn Spell: HACK - “Sacrifice a Mech to draw a hack and grant +1 health to all other MECH.” (fix)

Z0R-RO-DAH - Push an enemy minion three spaces back, if the enemy minion collides with another minion, both take 3 damage.

GOL-HA-MECH - Force a MECH to submit your reign, dealing 1 damage to it but giving it rush and +3 attacks. (fix?)

MUL-QAH-Z0R - Gain MECHLYTE Regalia. (fix)

MECH-AH-Z0R - Summon five 1/1 MECHAZ0R with rush that can be targeted by spells. (fix)

ZUL-Z0R-BAH - Summon three Wings of MECHAZ0R. (fix)

REXX-KRII-SLEN - Summon ALTER REXX near each MECH minion and grant allied MECH other than the ALTER REXX, rush. (fix) (Probably like 8 mana… Or 4 since it’s probably like super-late game if you manage to pull off a MECHAB0RN and the player should be rewarded for that?)

STRUN-KRII-Z0R - MECHAZ0R ranged is replaced with blast. (fix)


fix: MECHAZ0R is now a zoo.


Sounds suuuper cool. A lot of the things seem pretty broken but a rework on this scale would be awesome. I think that for the last effect you should have gone for blast rather than frenzy from ranged.


I like the “replace deck with OP noncollectable cards” mechanic. This implementation seems a bit… Memey. Hopefully one of the Grandmasters does this!


Time to see whether it’s possible to balance this :expressionless:


SHO-QI-FLOOR - change tiles in a 2x2 area to electro spikes (non-mech/flying minions may not walk over electro spikes)
AYE-R0N-MECH - sacrifice a mech and add its health to your general
MECH-AN-Z0R - summon a sword of mechazor with rush
PI-RO-Z0R - summon a cannon of mechazor with blast
GRA-HO-Z0R - teleport a random enemy to nearby your general
NAH-RU-Z0R - the next time your general takes damage, swap places with a random mech and that mech takes damage instead.


Really? No FUS-R0-DAH? l2meme bro
Oh wait, is that supposed to be the first one?


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