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Mech Kara with Arcanysts just because


I’m slowly getting into Vanar and realized that Echo Deliverant is just a rare, a bit slow but we’re supposed to have ramp, and therefore “Why Not?”.

Looking for a card draw thingy I threw in a Blue Conjurer because, again, “Why Not?”.

It turns into the following cheap deck:

Early play testing it can snowball in quite wild dimensions. First you’ll get a Mechaz0r, and have a slight chance at winning early (often instantly removed though).

High roll: Maybe you’ll get two Mechaz0rs, if you manage to play your Echo Deliverant ahead of that. I don’t know if this is a good play to purposely slow down Mechaz0r progress until you have Mr. Echo? I’m new to this.

Anyway after the Mechaz0r build plan fizzles you shouldn’t lose any steam: As long as Echo Deliverant or Blue Conjurer sticks on the board, you can output a LOT of stuff.
(High rolls when you have 2 Echo Deliverants on board, and when Blue Conjurer invites impromptu win conditions)

I’d like some advice from people who know what they are doing, though. I think I want a second Spirit of the Wild for example?

Hit me with you budget memes

Welcome to the family.
However - drop 2 endless hunt.
Add cloud callers.


Thanks for the welcoming words.
What is your reasoning for these changes? (I don’t have Cloudcaller, so I’d have to approximate your line of thought with something else before I can craft them)


I’m usually lazy wity writing, but this time i’m also busy.
@epicflygon please give this kind sir a good direction to go with.


I’m not very fond of Vanar (read: I despise it) and thus my advice is unlikely to be of a very good quality. So read on at your own peril.

I think Hailstone prison would be good since with all the Mythrons running around it makes excellent removal and can be used on your own minions in a pinch.

If you want a dedicated Mechaz0r! deck I would consider finding room for S.I.L.V.E.R. and Metaltooth since they can be very good if you manage to get a board.

If you want a dedicated meme deck with Echo Deliverant, I would remove all mechs aside from Echo Deliverant and Deceptib0t, add Aspect of the Shimzar and Auroraborus. If you are lucky, you will obliterate your opponent with hoards of big mechs.

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Has always and will always be the worst much and it’s even worse now, waste of tempo.

-Aspect of the Bear/Aspect of the Ravager

Run one or the other, not both at the same time, all depends on how much mechs you think you will have at any part of the game and what kind.

-1 Hunt

You will be running a lot more minions so less copies of this is needed.


Bad card.

-Mana Death Grip

Bad card.

-Spirit of the Wild

No Seraphim, no SotW.

-1 Blue Conjurer

Love that you’re using this card but you’re not running 3 Cannon, not to mention it’s kinda heavy curve wise.

-1 Echo

Making the curve slightly lower.


Mechs need lots of draw and Circular is an engine that you can establish early and either force a removal away from Mechaz0r! or just have replace fodder for it.

+Hailstone Prison

Highest tempo removal option and overall best option.

+Cloud Caller

Strong 6 drop, wins lots of games.

+Gravity Well

Best opener in Vanar.

+2 Inquisitor Kron

High tempo option that spams the board and forces removal away from Mechaz0r!

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Thank you. A ton of great input here. I’m quite Spirit-strapped right now and while the other high-end Mechs are on my buying list, I have to stay frugal for now.


Forgot to say Faie > Kara every time. This ain’t kinetic cat days.


Can always rely on you for doing the dirty work XD


Thanks for all the analysis. This is your version for later reference:

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Not related to the current deck, but I’m curious since I like the ramp types of Vanar most and will probably want to experiment with them in the future (slow and beefy memes y’know): what do you think of Shivers vs. MDG? If you had to run 9 ramp cards, what would you run besides the Wisps?


My list in terms of ramp.

  1. Crystal Wisp
  2. Shivers
  3. MDG

Crystal Wisp is the best one and should always be played in lategame focused lists and non-tempo based midgame lists.

Shivers can be played in lategame lists but it’s up to if you like it or not, I don’t.

MDG is trash, don’t play it.

Malicious Wisp is not included as I consider it a horrible ramp option but instead a god tier disruption option, comboing with it is god awful and keeping it in the back is a waste. Play it just out of reach of the enemy general but close enough where it doesn’t take long for it to crash into something. I usually only play it on curve but every other case is to prevent one of my opponent’s plays. I will play it in every deck bar some end game focused lists like SnowHai and HardRamp.

If I had to play 9 ramp cards, I wouldn’t play that deck.


Also if I was rich I would Flawless Reflection that Echo Deliverant because that’s nuts.


Yeah partly a difference in how we categorize things I guess, I would count MWisp a ramp card even if the effect lasts for a turn since it usually gives mana advantage either way. I mainly wanted to know if Shivers was still playable, so thanks for the info :slight_smile:



take it from me, flawless better have a deck for itself and it hard to focus on a flawless setting and keep up with your mech deck gameplay progression.


I suppose it would be nigh unplayable yes :smiley:
I imagine Flawless Reflection can only work when supported by tons of cheap walls.


ma. wisp is a problematic card because it does offer a good ramp but you stuck babysitting it instead of controlling the board for the late game.

i would usually play it when i know that i don’t get the ramp however the enemy will play with less mana this turn.


I try to play it not too removed, so that I can swing once with it and then Aspect of the Ravager it. Is this correct?


yep walls, stall tools, the main unit/units played in place, and control.

but i’ll tell you this - nothing is sweeter then 7 voracity going face


depends on the match up, either way once wisp landed the enemy will play with less mana the following turn (nothing promise you ramp due to wisp catching a heavy removal).

you can always aspect it, but as sure as it seems it is a bad move besides the following --> get it into position and use mountain to actually clear some of your opponent threats.
in mech however i feel like you want your opponent to waste removal to stay clear for mechazor and kron, so maybe it is good you packed it.

just try it and see how it feels, that’s all.