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Mech Exponential Growth


Not sure if this would work, or if it is even worth thinking about but here it is.


Love at first sight. :heart_eyes:
I would drop the Gargantuan Growth though, I can never play it successfully.

Everything else is gold standard memery. :trophy:


im thinking i should try to fit in replicant somewhere, just don’t know where. Any ideas?


This the base for my Maggrow exploits until i can get all those mechs. its pretty fun to play. any suggestions?


I would replace the Rust Crawlers with Young Silithars or Kujata could do some nice work here. But you need more than only 6 2 drops.

I like the Spirit Harvester + Oropsi synergy :slight_smile:


Use a good general


I would argue that you don’t really need Chassis and would vote for metal tooth over it or even an Omniseer. That’s just me though, the deck looks cool.


Yeah Ragnora is so much better with Grow.

You get more Grow tiles, you have buffed up Rippers etc.


“Grow stacks… after each Mech summon, rapidly increasing to a maximum of +999/+999 per turn.” - Duelyst wiki.
Someone posted a screenshot of such a situation a while back.


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