Mech decks for each faction


I have a reasonable idea what mech decks look like for Argeon, Faie and Starhorn but any ideas and improvements for any of those and the fallowing generals would be greatly appreciated!





For Songhai some people run Koan of Horns as a second “win condition” to make the useless mechs into more threatening minions, once (if) mechazor has been dealt with.
I also think you should run Mist Dragon Seal, since it helps a lot in the Vanar/Lyonar matchup, to bring a dispelled mechazor back into the fight. ( cuz CCold and Sun Bloom, though Vanar can enfeeble anyways)


Hmmm I don’t have KoH, but I suppose I’ll only need 1 of them.

What do you suggest I remove for MDSs? I’m thinking the Blazehounds or Pheonix Fires.


Try it out and see what works better. I would probably remove either Blaze Hound or Inner Focus. Phoenix Fire is amazing, I personally would not remove it.
Also, I would not waste spirit in KoH if you dont have it. Not worth it.


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