Matchmaking Hub: Alternate Formats, Testing, and Casuals


Hello all, this thread is a simple one. I’ve come to realize that my interest in laddering has markedly declined over the last couple months. As such, I want this topic to serve as a space for players to connect in the interest of diversifying the playing experience: Alternate Formats, Decklist Testing, and good ol’ Casuals.

To that end, please reply with your in-game username and let us know which formats you’d be interested in playing. I’ll take that info and place it here in the Topic post so that fellow Duelysts can add you in-game, and the fun can commence from there. :grin:

Also, feel free to share your thoughts on alternate formats (as I am only familiar with Pauper and Singleton), or any other ideas that come to mind!

Alternate Formats
Player List
  • Eudaimonia
  • Maelrawn
  • AtTheEdge
  • Gabriek
  • Fafares
  • Oranos
  • Archer4
  • Ayvie
  • Aeruniel / 4bitWizard

List of Alternate Formats

Pauper: Deck-building is limited to a lower Spirit value (e.g. you may only use a deck with a Spirit cost no higher than 1,000).

Singleton: Deck-building is limited to only 1x copy per card.

Loyalist: Deck-building is limited to only Faction cards.

Heretic: Deck-building is limited to only Neutral cards

Sabotage: Deck-building is limited based on each player banning certain cards/deck/Generals/etc for the their opponent.

Tower Defense: Both Generals move to and stay in opposing corners for the entire game.

Summoner: Deck-building is limited to minions only.

Spellslinger: Deck-building is limited to spells only.

“The Amazing Race”: The first player to move their General to all four corners wins; attacking Generals is not allowed.

Player List
  • Eudaimonia
  • Maelrawn
  • Raviel1234
  • AtTheEdge
  • Archer4
  • Aeruniel / 4bitWizard

Player List
  • Eudaimonia
  • Raviel1234
  • Fafares
  • Archer4
  • Ayvie
  • Aeruniel / 4bitWizard
  • Scarletstudy

Infinite Funk - Tower Defense Tournament
Deck Building: A Community Project

Sign me up for some pauper and singleton!


I would love to play some alternate Formats and do Testing, but what are casuals? Are these just normal Matches?
IGN: AtTheEdge


id love to play in the alternate formats


Oh man i would like a lot to play Pauper formats, and casuals as well. Sign me in for it, thanks!
Not playing duelyst a lot lately, but this may make me want to play more again.

BTW, another format i could suggest is “Faction Only” - Self explanatory, no neutral cards on decks.

IGN: Fafares


sure, i’d like to join the format for pauper and singleton (more singleton than pauper though)

im sure there are format threads around here somewhere that have good ideas.

there are a lot of potential game modes
  • one i saw a while back was something like tower defense where both generals walk into a corner and don’t move.

  • the amazing race format zooch streams where the first to get their general into all 4 corners of the map wins (not allowed to attack the general directly)

  • one i want to see is a pokemon battle where you only use battle pets and aren’t allowed to attack with generals

  • only minion and no minion formats (maybe only minion vs no minion???)

  • i remember a streamer doing a “sabotage” format where your opponent can deny you cards while deck building, but that would require communication during the deck building phase

my username is oranos


sign me up for casual and testing

username: raviel1234


@attheedge Hmmm, it’s a fine line, as I suppose both Casual and Testing can be contextualized as either meta or non-meta.

I’d personally define Casual as using only non-meta decklists, but I’m sure there are those that just want to play meta decks without fear of dropping rank. Both are equally valid, so I’ll leave that for the players to negotiate. :slight_smile:

@fafares and @oranos Those are fantastic ideas, I’ll add them accordingly!


Cool idea! Add me, I’m normally Aeruniel but this month I’m 4bitWizard :stuck_out_tongue:
I like the Singleton (Highlander), Loyalist, Heretic, Summoner, Spellslinger, Casual and Testing categories.

I also like the idea of coming up with new formats, for example a format where no single dispel card of any kind, no direct damage spell and no minion-killing spell nor enemy minion transformation spell is allowed. Let’s call it Chivalry? :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be interesting to see what other formats we can think up, I would like to create some really creative ones, but cannot at the moment, hopefully later :slight_smile:


question- does heretic mean you cant play faction minions or does it exclude faction cards. the difference being that there are no spells or artifacts allowed in that mode.

also, with the spell slinger mode- are artifacts allowed? i tried and it can be difficult to actually fill a deck with nothing but spells in certain factions


All the suggestions seem fun, but pauper and “The Amazing Race” are my favorites. The Race one mostly because it’d be hilarious to see streamers playing it as a game mode.

edit: I’m down to test any of the Alternate Formats & Casuals, ig: avyie


Looks great! I’d love to sign up for some testing and alternate formats and casuals.


None of these formats will be enforced with hard and fast rules. I’ll simply leave the details up to player decision. Live your life as recklessly as you so choose. :wink:

Also, I’ve updated the Topic post accordingly. Hope more people can get some games in!


You forgot to include me (I think) :stuck_out_tongue:


Im up for casuals, count me in.


Since @maelrawn posted abour that alt format tournament, is anyone up for some tower defence practice :wink:

IGN is Gabriek


sent :wink:


Sign me up for everything.



Ok, so i was thinking, how about an alternate format the opposite of pauper, with only legendaries.

Now I know what you’re thinking, not many people could make a deck like that. That’s true, but think of how interesting those games would be, so many weird random legendaries with weird effects causing utter mayhem. I think it’d be very fun for those who could participate, and it’d also probably be fun to watch :slight_smile:

I think it’d be called Regal or something like that :smile:

Maybe if people didn’t have enough legendaries for the full 40 card deck (I know I don’t) they could put filler cards in, but they wouldn’t be allowed to play those


Sounds fun, I’m up for it :slight_smile: