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okay i love this game but the one thing i find super annoying is the matchmaking system, like it seems that i am incapable of winning more than 2 games in a row. ive been playing for a few months and i would like to think that my deck is relatively good, but for some reason i cant get past rank 16. literally every single couple of games is win one, then immediatly lose the next, then win the next, then immediatly lose the one right after. multiply that by 100 and thats my record. some of the loses i admit it cause i did something stupid, but some of the times, take for example literally 5 minutes ago. i won a match which was fairly close, then the next person i play against had at least 100 wins of every class, and 3 classes with 200 wins so im playing with someone with literally over 800 wins like what the actual fuck. this isnt something that occurs occasionally too, no this happens frequently enough that im getting pretty annoyed over it. like i dont have 100 wins with ANY class, so clearly, facing someone who has literally played over 1000 games is not the ideal match up. like maybe im just shit, but id like to think that the 60 hours ive invested in this game doesnt mean absolute shit


I’m sorry to tell you that your inability to win 2 matches in a row is not because of matchmaking…


The season has just reset, meaning every player above silver has been pushed back down to silver. You’re likely playing against gold, diamond or even S players that are the same rank as you due to the rank reset.

If this happens all season, then I would take a look at your skill. Even if a player has 12 more ribbons than you, they’re at your rank, so they are either at the same skill as you or they haven’t played yet all season, in which case you’re unlucky and it’s not likely for that to happen again.


Slightly off topic but yeah Gold right now is a bloodbath with all the S-rank and diamond players duking it out. I always just look at my match history and hope to at least come out around 65% win rate to grind up.


You played 60 hours.
It’s not to be mean but…
You are shit.
You are a shrimp. And every big fish out there is gonna eat you with ease.
I have the double of your playtime and I am shit too.
It’s not the matchmaking system.
It’s you.
Get good.


You need to chill, and realize that the season reset could also contribute.


I know, I know, and I accept it. I am not salty.


Frirstly yeah alot of gold players, maybe some diamonds and 1 or 2 S Rank players will be in silver division due to reset. Reason i say this is that most of the Diamond players or S-Rank players would have made it back to gold atleast by now unless they are testing decks in silver.
If you lack 100 wins with any faction and you are in the same match with a 800 wins person, then you should honestly feel honored because that means u have some level of skill equal to there own, but lack the experience.
Also 60 hours doesnt prove anything in a competitive game, actually that wudnt mean anything in Skyrim either (no insult)


It’s not 1 or 2 S rank. It’s all S-rank go back to silver at the start of season.


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@owlington: Do I have to repeat myself? I am S rank myself and have lot of friend S too. I just reached gold atm I was Silver 1 hour ago and lot of friend too are still silver.


So you made it back to gold… [quote=“owlington, post:10, topic:8079”]
by now

I mean i dont know but it seems like ur more so repeating me than u


But anyway i dont want Ryv to lock the guys thread so lets get back on @lordasmodeus and his query


I made it just now but 1 hr ago I was still silver . AND I HAVE LOT OF FRIEND STILL AT SILVER . SO DONT MAKE ME REPEAT again


The question still stands though, were you and your friends trying to ladder or were you simply casually testing decks seeing that alot of players do so at the start of the season. The other question is also, how often have you played since the new season started, i would like to hope not much because it doesnt take much chevrons to reach gold from rank 11/12 (and thats where i usually restart from i believe)


That’s not the question to ask. Lot of S rank player don’t play duelyst just after new patch just like me. So real silver player can encounter S rank because of that.
Ofc because of that it’s pretty easy for me to ladder.


I’m S every single month and I don’t start playing each month until AT LEAST 10 days in.


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