Masochistic Jutsu Part 2: The Dentist and Novocaine


So a little over a week ago I made the post Masochistic Jutsu with Khymera as one of the cards I was showcasing. But as much as I love Khymera he is a little gimmicky and there are probably better options. I realized I have a lot more material for the theme so here is part two.

Wakachoochoo brought to my attention Twin Fangs had the potential to work quite well in these masochistic decks. I originally tried it out and dismissed it, but it got me thinking I bet there was a version of the deck that could really capitalize on it, and thus, as I fondly call it, The Dentist was born…you know because twin fang=teeth…and then add in lots of pain.

So my silly names aside, would you look at that, a deck besides the Dance of Memes that can really capitalize on twin fang. Game plan is to flood the field, throw on twin fang, and then cast a blistering skorn for a massive buff. Fang can also really capitalize on Juta/Flash summons who of course greatly benefit our masochistic dudes Taygete and Rawr, and of course help flood the field which can make fang strong on its own. Elucidator is a solid card on its own but its personal ping combined with twin fang is a huge burst.

Edits: Rawr while very thematic is rather counterproductive to twin fang. Battle pets get in your generals way and attack before you can equip a fang. With songhai all over the place running elucidator that 4 health is actually pretty big in this meta. With the demise of kron it was easy to swap in mandrake and Earth Sphere in order to make the songhai more favorable.

So moving onto the next deck, as per the title and keeping with the theme, Novocaine. I found out that quartermaster does not take damage from either flash or Kujata so he may finally have a home in Magmar as a sort of better sun steel defender. Toss a fortitude on him and he dodges everything but hard removal and dispel. Thus the name, since sunsteel and quartermaster are both numb to the pain, and as usual taygete likes it.

So instead of basing the deck around pain, we leverage Flash/Kujata ramp with either instant rush value, or things that ignore the pain like Sunsteel and Quartermaster. Taygete of course still finds a home in all three decks.

The curve should be high enough to prevent the need for draw.

Now people may sneer at the lack of two drops especially since Magmar has some really exceptional ones like Slithar and Gro. I have made it to S rank for several seasons playing decks that have as few 2 drops and sometimes less. I find people greatly overestimate the need for two drops. Unless your playing an aggro or midrange deck with lots of draw your often better off leaving them out as they will empty out your hand with minimal impact.

Because most of the draw power in this game is either kind of bad, or also benefits your opponent your often better off just trying to play on curve. Doing so and not running your own draw power also punishes people who run things like spell jammer really hard. Because your deck works fine with out it, it can steamroll hard if your opponent gives you some free advantage.

Don’t get me wrong, you can just build vath midrange with draw power and it works out great, it’s just not what I am trying to do here. But for all of you who just can’t stand my heresy of running almost no two drops here is a final more midrange list.
Oh for those of you who question a play set of earth sphere. Basically if you don’t get it your going to loose to Songhai or Face Fae, both of which are very unpleasant losses. It’s a great card, and it can hard counter face decks and another obnoxious things in the meta so I have started running it as an auto play set in all but my most aggresive magmar decks.

With the demise of kron Quartermaster actually has a spot in the deck now :smiley:

For those unfamiliar with Dance of Memes take a look at the final deck in my post here:

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better when I do eventually get around to it. If you would like to check out my previous Vanar Combo post…please don’t continue the discussion about Combo Vs Otk

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Make a thread when this starts, I’d be interested if you play stuff like this, along with some others, more than likely.


Will do, may be awhile, but untill then I will keep sharing my more interesting decks every few days.

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