Masochistic Jutsu: Copying my Reddit series over to here


Last week I showed off Keeper Magmar. This week I bring three decks. Lets start with the one in the title that I fondly call Masochistic Jutsu, because it’s all about inflicting pain on my own units for value. Also Jutsu. Kujata sort of sound alike…I should really stop explaining these.

Running Vath in this one over Starhorn as the decks higher curve often prevents the need for draw despite the ramp cards.

The decks idea is to really take advantage of Flash Reincarnation and Kujata rather then simply using them for ramp. Both of them proc Rawr, Khymera, and Taygete multiple times on summon. You can of course just use both to ramp as usual, early Krons, and Warbeasts are as devastating as ever.

With the battle pet meta these masochistic cards can really be abused, they are only just a little worse than Nimbus and everyone knows just how powerful that is. Speaking of battle pets, everyone knows how good of a card thumping wave is…now we can transform an opponents minion AND force it to attack one of our masochistic dudes.

Blistering Skorn and Kinetic Equilibrium are both solid on their own but amazing when they hit our masochistic dudes.

This one is just named MecHorn, heh, see what I did there? It runs starhorn because it has a tendency to just sort of puke its hand out causing you to run out of steam without a little help from starhorn.

I finally got around to updating my old Starhorn Mech deck. The idea is rush out lightning speed mechazor thanks to Kujata and flash, and or also use their synergy with the masochistic dudes mentioned above.

Old version of the deck relied pretty heavily on the old version of Vindicator who used to give rush. Comboed with Mechazor in particular was rude. Have not played the deck since he got his big nerf. With shimzar in, and Vindicator out, I put in Rawr, and Zor in place of Mech Chassis and Vindicator. Oh taygete also did not exist back then and was an egg morph instead.

I am not sure if the deck can be as competitive as it used to be, but it is still a lot of fun. It’s still very strong but it’s a little swingy, if you get your flashes and Kujatas it’s very rude, if you get good spawns off of Rawr and Khymera it can be devastating…but when you don’t, it lacks the removal and utility of the first deck, and is very vulnerable to the dispel meta.

And finally the third list for this week! This one I call Pet Cemetery…because, you know, just like the other two it revolves around damaging/killing my own units for value, and this time with a heavy influence on battle pets.

It started out as a swarm deck, but felt to vulnerable to AOE and RNG, so took out some of the battle pet tech to make it a little more well rounded. I miss the Sol+Rawr trick as well as Zukong, but both were to gimmicky to really have value. Its a fun deck, not quite as dedicated to the masochistic style as the other two but it has been performing better with part of the masochistic engine in place.

I am currently S rank (High of 57, have dropped since due to testing and having fun.) Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better when I do eventualy get around to it. Check out last weeks post:

Whips and Chains Magmar
Anyone has deck building tips?