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Hi, maybe the question sounds stupid, but I realised that there are (or have been) other map backgrounds available in the game. For instance:

However, all my matches are on a plain blue map as this one:

I’m pretty sure I used to play also on the desert map at some point in time, but this does not happen anymore. Have different maps been removed from the game or is it a problem with the Steam client?

Maps background

I’m pretty sure it’s totally random, I use Steam and sometimes play on the desert map kr a snowy one.


That’s just weird, I’m pretty sure I always play on the plain blue map :expressionless: Any clue on whether this may be a bug or some options I accidentally messed with? I would be surprised.


I don’t think there is any optionfor this, no worries. I’ll have to test this when I get back at my house but I think it maaaaaybe depends on the faction you play/match up. Which I totally am not sure of. I’ll check that.


Now that you say it, I don’t recall the last time I played on a diferent map from the blue one…
This is very odd indeed


Interesting… Can anyone provide a counterexample? Less formally, has anyone played on maps different from the plain blue one in the last few weeks?


I can attest that the last game I played yesterday was in the “snow cave” background.


Three random matches played last week using web client.


Thanks, I filled a bug report for this. Maybe the tech support can identify the issue. I might give a shot to the browser client as well.

@zerafut: do you also play on the Steam client?


Pure random.
Maybe you’re extremely lucky/unlucky or like you said it’s a simple but.
There will be more background in future patch if it doesn’t change for you it’ll be sure to be a bug.


I’m playing on the Duelyst client, I don’t like steam cause you can’t shrink the screen.


Sorry to bump this, but I still have this problem. It’s definitely not random, I always play on the same plain blue map. Any possible ideas on what could be the source of the problem?


Reinstall the game. I play on different maps regularly


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