ManDrake vs ManMech


I am laddering rank 4 atm with this fun deck:

They are several synergy that I find useful like:
Fractal Replication + Mandrake / Chrystal Burst / Rawr
I like playing zor and get the big dude with Flash incarnation early

If you have any suggestion to improve my deck performance I would please to read.

PS: sorry for my english

Dance of Battle Pets - 3 Mandrakes in one turn FTW

Consider adding Razor skin? a board full of helms and wings with +1 atk might be quite menacing, but most important it acts as a pseudo draw.


good idea just I don’t know what to cut for which doesn’t break my deck. But it’s more midrange than aggro/zoo


how about cutting 1 helm (you have plenty of 2 drops) or maybe 1 burst or sphere. not an expert, but those are the ones i could see used as 2x instead of 3x


Yeah I can cut that but I am not sure about razor skin. The only problem I am facing is agro token abyssian and magmar sometimes. Problem is there is no control/silence at all except thumping wave.


how about egg morph instead of razor skin for removal and synergy with a late game burst?


when you play against bloodmon priestess (for those who know ADDI deck) and you can’t access to her even with egg morph which is nerfed now you can’t even win a turn anymore. At least thumping wave can transform into pet 3/3. So may be I should consider adding ephemral shroud. And cut 1 chrysalis burst + 1 earth sphere.