Mana vortex slight buff


Mana vortex got a huge nerf which makes it now completely useless. Because I like the card I try to find a little buff not too significant.

This card is a faction 0 cost spell same “theme” as two other faction :

  • flash reincarnation : Next minion you summon this tirn cost 2 less and takes 2 damage.
  • darkfire sacrifice : destroy a friendly minion. next minion cost 2 less.

To make it simpler you reduce cost of specific card with a 0 spell.

As you can see darkfire sacrifice is enabled as long as you don’t play a minion.

So I think about why not do the same thing for mana vortex change :

The next spell you cast this turn cost 1 less


The next spell you cast cost 1 less

This change can be interesting and we can see some come back like heaven’s eclipse. Most of the time when you play heaven’s eclipse early you fill your hand and you can’t really play anything else on same turn. So it allows you to not overdraw and keep the effect of mana vortex during next turn.
And it’s not that OP because you can’t actually accumulate the effect when you play several mana vortex compared with flash reincarnation or darkfire sacrifice.

Now I can make it more broken like for example:

"The next spell greater than 1 mana cost you cast cost 1 less"

But well it becomes too tricky/sneaky. And we like some simple design removing all ‘if then’.

An other one could be:

1 mana cost : “The next spell you cast cost 1 less. at the end of your turn draw a card”

It’s close to old version cost 1 more but the ability remain until next spell is casted.

Tell me your thought.


It doesn’t really do anything different from the original. I guess you could play it prematurely to reduce spell cost, but most players want to save spells in order to ping four winds. I don’t play songhai though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


It depends the second assertion (“The next spell greater than 1 mana cost you cast cost 1 less”) does a lot.
It allows you for exampl to heaven’s eclipse turn 5 mana into spiral technique next turn with 2 mana vortex. Which is pretty common since you draw 3 spell from heaven’s eclipse.
But something is sure, there is no reason at the moment to add such card in a deck. If you want something close to old mana vortex you will put manaforger. But mana vortex has no point to exist atm. Delete it !

I will add an assertion like :
1 mana cost “The next spell you cast cost 1 less. at the end of your turn draw a card”


Mana vortex should be “all spells you cast this turn cost 1 less”. If i have to loose card advantage (thats what mana vortex do right now) at least give me something good


at least give something broken*. If they nerf it there is a reason so why say something more broken than the original version ? :laughing:


So broken that i would have an empty hand at the end of my turn.


They Nerf It because It was a 0 mana draw a card, not because of the discount aspect


You wouldn’t have a end of turn because you would have OTK your opponent. xD


I think a small tweak to heavily nerfed cards would be good, but this is a problem with a lot of card games. Because values are really low (single digits) it is hard to make changes. The smallest value they can change something by is 1 and often times changing by 1 is doubling or halving the total amount. In other games with higher values (100 ATK) you can lower a value more freely to fit whatever boundaries you want.

I think the ideas you listed would be a step in the right direction but would not change all that much and the card would still not really be played.


Ok, then what about " the next spell you cast cost half mana"?


spiral technique 4 mana really ???


And magmar has half of a spiral for two mana. If you spend the entire game playning heavens eclipes you die before reach 8 mana


that’s not how to compare entropic gaze. Entropic gaze can be compared with phoenix fire. In magmar there is nothing you can compare with spiral technique.


Thumpidator. 'Nuff said.


Im Just saying thats its a two card combo that deals the Same amount of damage per mana of a single card.


yes that’s why you can’t compare because you need 2 card to deal same amount of damage and each player draw 2 card and it’s only face damage.


Koan of horns tho :stuck_out_tongue:

If you make vortex halve mana cost, then play koan… would koan be playable???


you are right too broken with this card. We now need to buff inner focus “reactivate all minion with 3 or less attack”. FeelsBalancedMan


Koan is a meme card, even at 4 mana is almost shit


So, I’m actually of the opinion recently that ritual/moxen speed ramp is awful for Duelyst in general, because the game is already so adversely effected by high tempo effects (the second dimmension of board play, and player being an avatar unit leads the game having more interest in material trading.