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Mana Deprivation! Vanar Deck

Back yet again with the daily Vanar thread. Here I have another hand crafted deck to present to you all :slight_smile:
Before we get into this I have to warn you, this deck is evil. It’s sinister and cursed. As you play this deck you will feel your soul slowly leaving your body until the deck fully possesses your entire being.
I call the deck Mana Deprivation and you’ll see why in a second. Without further ado let me present you the deck list.

It shares similar concepts with my previous deck but it plays much more differently.
There are basically two main ways you can play and it depends on the 2 drop you get on your first turn.
If it’s Crypto, you know how it is. Just play Mentor, while answering everything they have until you eventually Warbird them down :slight_smile:
However if you started with Crystal Wisp, you’re going to want to follow that up with a Basilisk and next turn play Sphynx. This beautiful sexy little minion, puts a riddle in your opponent’s action bar which is basically a 2 mana spell that as long as you have it in your action bar you cannot replace. From here on out, they either have to withdraw the right to replace and deal with the fact that due to their full handsize your Hailstone prison is going to be a 2 Mana removal OR they have to play the spell and proc Basilisk. The textbook definion of a lose lose situation but it gets even worse.
Since you started with Crystal Wisp, you’re going to have an extra Mana so you don’t care about having to spend 2 of it on a spell. Soon you’ll be able to play Malicious Wisp and play the Spell.
At this point they are going to basically be starving as you deprive them from every right of playing the game. They cannot replace, they don’t have any Mana to afford to play the spell and if they can they are only going to help make your Basilisk grow bigger and bigger and bigger… and the Basilisk is basically sitting on the first column watching your opponent saying "Go on! Play the spell! You know you want to… How else are you going to play without it? Go ahead and play the spell :slight_smile: "

On a serious note, this deck is really fun. I recommend everyone even if you’re not a Vanar player to try it out and I’m definitely not saying this because the deck has taken control of me and wants to use me to spread itself to more poor souls! GL HF


It does work really well. Mine runs Manaforger and Ghost Seraphim to further widen the gap in disposable mana.


The amount of emotes you get every game for playing this LOL

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That’s pretty neatly evil, good job! Sphynx is a really fun card :slight_smile:


What about Ego for the Op (and Evil) combo with malicious? It also helps with paragon/bender/Dagona
Btw i really like the deck idea!


This is my current list on the theme


I think the deck could really use Hailstone Prison because it has great synergy with how Sphynx fills up their action bar.


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