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Malyk Boss Battle (Spoilers expected)

No one started the topic yet, so might as well get the ball rolling. How did people fair against the boss? And was the boss too easy or too hard?

Personally, I defeated the boss in less attempts than I expected at 3. Tried once with dying wish Vet saw the boss’s effects and went “well this is a mistake”, conceded and went with a different deck which took 2 goes with the boss. First time with the new deck got unlucky near the end with how he won. Had another go since I thought the deck should have won the first go with it, and succeeded. I think the boss will be hard for most factions and for new players.

Boss Mechanic

Whenever you overdraw pass the action bar limit the boss gets an Ooz summoned around him, and whenever you summon a minion you draw a card. The boss starts with The Releaser artifact equipped as well as having the Ranged ability with 2 attack and 30 health. The boss starts near the bottom right corner of the board while you start near the top left, with a Spelljammer in the middle of the board. With you as Player 1 starting on 3 mana.


Unique concept, felt like an actual battle rather than shinkage zendo (Me getting wiped across the floor) or caliber-o (Me stomping on something with less health than me)

Pretty fun concept!

I beat him on the first try with my vaath deck, but had to keep killing his jammers and replacing mine.
I liked it :smiley:

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Usually, I joke about being able to beat any boss with dance of dreams if I get the perfect hand from conceding for every poor hand. However, dance of memes actually works legitimately for this boss.

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First attempt with Zirix and got overwhelmed by Oozes and conceded.

Second attempt with Vaath and simply smashed everything :slight_smile:.

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Got crushed first go around, crushed him second round with a really pure spellhai list. Leaving the Spelljammer alive is fine if you draw your Chakris early

every time i try to beat him with dance of memes. the moment i get the hand and positioning to win, he drops decimus :sob:

and the first time i try it with vindicator i win oh so easily

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Those Ooz might be kind of useless if you decided to go ranged minions only and sit back. Swarms work as well due the boss’s drawback that you draw a card per minion card played.

Clearly hitting the opposite end of the spectrum from the last fight. Still fun to see and was well executed (though tough). I think the drawing when playing a minion is a little excessive.

I would touch that this toe’s the line of similarity on the previous 9 mana boss fight with the annoyances of the wu-trickster provoke minion concept, but less irritating.

Got him 1st try with lilithe dying wish deck.
Obliterated him with creep for 13 damage lethal. I was down to 6 health, tho.
Fun boss with a familiar strategy.

Won on the first try with my Argeon Healnar deck: Executed the killing strike with a 13/25 general.

There were some nasty surprises (Decimus !) but Holy Immolation on a Sunforged Lancer took care of it (as well as two Oozes). Once Malyk moved into a corner, I surrounded him - negating the Releaser’s effect - and he was struggling to put anything on board I couldn’t removed by a minion or general hit followed by either a healing minion or a BS-Scinitlla heal.

The draw-a-card-when-playing-a-minion mechanic is nice when you have so many healing 2-mana minions.

It was an amusing fight, with an interesting set of board / boss rules though if you can’t remove Decimus, you’re in for trouble.

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An interesting boss that took me a while to beat. Sajj couldn’t do anything to him because he has got so many pings. Obelysk Zirix on the other hand beat him rather easily (probably because Malyk has no idea how powerful Fireblaze obelysks are, Oh and the fact that he positions his units in a way that just begs for stars’ fury doesn’t help him very much).

'nuff said


Got the boss completely surrounded on first try with mech kara, custom deck with most 1mana minions. Ez win
Didn’t let a single overdraw at all, releaser was useless as well.

Nice boss but sit back, drop 2 decimus and watch how he kills himself

It was fun, I happened to be using a songhai spell-ish deck, which worked fine as I avoided overdrawing casting spells.

Insta-loss to Combo Spellhai. He gives just enough draw to keep your hand full.


I liked him, made me bust out a new deck for the memes. turns out, venom toth and crimson occulus work pretty well against him. who knew


Grinch put on a replay of you playing that deck on ladder yesterday

:slight_smile:you lost that one


Full grow deck worked wonders.
Sit back, spam Grow Minions (try to stick a Moloki), play Plasma against the Oozes and go full face after.
Flash Juggernaut also helped but would not have been necessary.

Which of us are you talking to? mmf or me?