Making a Magmar deck [ NOT COMPETITIVE (?) ]


Hey guys.
Following my previous Magmar topic, I decided to invest into Magmar.
I crafted too many Magmar cards and made this beauty. JK
Help me improve it

The good side is that I now have most if not all useful Magmar cards.


Your deck could use more removal. It also seems be somewhat lost between ramp, grow and eggs, so I think I would recommend dropping the Elders (no matter how fun they can be) to add Thumping Waves.


Awww, my Elders :cry: Thanks, I can always put them in an other deck it anyway.


Now, take my advice with a grain of salt. I am no Grandmaster


Keep elders, get rid of Rex, it’s bad outside of aggro, also get rid of the gazers and the fortitudes, add thumping waves (they are great with the dispelled body of kollossus and just good all around), sunsteel and 1-2 plasma storms.

I’d honsetly also get rid of mandrakes for this.


Sure, with what should I replace the Mandrakes though ?


Get rid of:

  • 2 rex
  • 2 gazer
  • 2 fortitude
  • 3 mandrake


  • 3 waves
  • 1 egg morph
  • 3 sunsteels
  • 2 plasma storm

Or sth like that. Earth spheres might be sth to consider.


I believe he/she already mentioned Thumping Waves, Sunsteel Defenders and one or two Plasma Storms.

edit: airdrop rush ninja post out-tempoed me


Okay guys, thanks ! Tweaked the deck. Hope this finally gets me to Gold. Again, thanks :smiley:


So, yeah. I reached Gold ! Thanks guys, this deck really helped me climb the ladder. I was on a preeeeetty long loss streak so it’s much appreciated. Once again, thank you guys, really appreciate it.