Make magmar great again! (fan card creation thread!)


wanted to draw some green dinosaurs. If you guys like it, ill make more. Sorry if my pixel art sucks.


besides being blatantly overpowered, they are good cards for starhorn


The cards are quite overpowered. Nevertheless they are designed with novelty.
The card pictures also show that you put a lot of effort on them. They’re cool, but I laughed a little too hard at Ancient Teacher’s giraffe neck.
Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


woot thanks! I will!


I love those sprites :smiley: They all look like Dragonball villains.


Ancient Teacher = Alolan Exeggutor?


we need a long necked magmar guy someday


Probably Serpenti’s brother


I like the idea when the opponent draw deal damage to him but not that minion’s attack maybe 1 damage still going to be good for starhorn. more starhorn synergy please :’( he is my fav general


haha okay, Ill think of something new next time!


Hahaha these are so broken but the designs are pretty cool. Nice job man :>


will this make this one less broken?


This looks pretty legit maybe a 5 cost would balance it better. I really wonder though.


Let the nerfs begin!


My dear god, this would make OTK Twin Fang Starhorn even funnier! :smiley:


fixed it so that its less likely to loop with Slasher


heres a new one


I’d say it’s, too situational but, it fits Starhorn. In a way.



Your art is so amazing. Also, I’d just make it unable to attack instead of rendering it unable to move as well. Magmar already has so few mobility options :confused:


It’s a cool concept, but perhaps just dealing damage to the enemy general is better. The RNG on this card, as it is right now, is pretty high. Would induce much more salt than Knife Juggler ever did.