Makantor Dilemma


Hi guys! I’m a diamond player(rank 2 at the moment)
This my current Magmar deck:

Tomorrow i will have enough spirit to craft the 3rd Makantor but i dunno what i can eliminate for him. Please help me! ;D


-3 Blistering Skorn
+2 Spirit Harvester
+1 Makantor Warbeast

I feel like Harvester would have more synergy with Plasma Storm, Keeper of the Vale and Flash Reincarnation.


Not a super expert but agree that Skorn isn’t needed in this deck. I don’t even really think you need L’Kians with a control deck like this which is pretty slow, at least I don’t usually see them, and L’Kian is not something you want to bring back with a Keeper.


Everyone is saying to take out Skorn, but I have to disagree. I think that that card is extremely strong, and even better wih magmar. Magmar has a hard time dealing small amounts of damage(killing wraithlings, heartseekers, artifacts) and Skorn does just that perfectly. Also kills egg morphs if you cant reach them.

Honestly, I think dropping 1x L’kian might be a good idea, as your curve is very high and you might not need that much card draw.


I’m not suggesting he takes out Skorn because Skorn is bad. I’m simply suggesting that Spirit Harvester might be better. As he said himself, he’s trying to go wide and he even actively seeks out to ignore the opponent’s early game to be able to trade for multiple cards with a Storm later on (or to remove minions “for free” by headbutting them with his General). If getting value-trades is the goal of the deck, then the Harvester might be better than Skorn.


I used to really liked Spirit Harvester but once Skorn was released I don’t think I ever have found that it was better. I have experimented in Self Harm Decks, tons and tons of Control Decks, and pretty much any other Magmar Archetype you can think of other than Egg Synergy.

Harvestor can proc multiple times, but it usually is removed on your opponents next turn. Skorn goes immediately and for much cheaper so it is easier/possible to weave it into a combo. Even in a control deck with a strong lategame focus I believe that it is better. Having a few 3 drops is great so you have a little bit of board presence early on if you don’t draw into Plasma Storm. Also being able to pop out of reach egg morphs is huge against ranged threats like Keilano and Four Winds Magi.

I really do like Spirit Harvestor, but Skorn is just a really powerful card. Yeah they both have good bodies for the costs but they are more of a utility/combo type of card. Cheaper cost for the almost same effect is better 9/10 times.


Skorn is probably better in a non-Keeper deck. The problem is that almost its entire value is based on its OG, and that won’t proc with Keeper. And since it’s a 3-drop, it is very likely to be in the “Keeper pile” when you play a Keeper.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it personally. But Harvester is considered “more canon” for Keeper Mag as I understand it.


I’m actually not sure if your curve warrants mandrakes. There’s no 2 drops, you are playing keepers, and if you don’t expect to get their costs to 0 by 6 mana then there must be other expensive minions you can run for a stronger late game.


Ty guys for the different answer!! I’ll try with different version to find the one who i like more


I would:

  • 3 Elucidator
  • 2 Keepers
  • 3 Natural Selection
  • 3 Gro
  • 3 Young Silithar
  • 1 Makantor
  • 1 Rust Crawler

I find Elucidators are better in aggro decks. I would think you would want 2 drops for hands without Flash which in turn makes Natural Selection worse adding in a Rust Crawler for pesky artifacts (which Magmar has issues with). After those changes, it is nearly the same deck I hit S with last month.