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[Major Bug] How SchoolManatee and I Broke Duelyst


It all started out as a friendly game. I was playing my Mech Ox deck and he was playing budget Strategos. I would’ve won, but I spared my compatriot and said “Why don’t you fill the board with Excelsiouses?” It seemed like a great idea at the time. Apparently, it was not. I will let two screenshots taken at the exact same moment from each of our sides of the game speak for me.

Here is what SchoolManatee saw:

And here is what I saw:

Can you spot the differences between the two pictures? :thinking:

Now, let me point out a few of the more disturbing parts of my image (although a board of Excelsiouses is pretty disturbing):

  1. I cannot play cards even though it is my turn (and not just because I’m completely surrounded).
  2. I can’t see half of SchoolManatee’s minions (in addition, I could only hover over his general and the Exelsiouses).
  3. While the Excelsious I am hovering over has the correct stats, the minion on the battlefield does not.

Global Bug: The Excelsiouses don’t all have the same attack and health, and it says they have x16 of three different buffs, when clearly they do not.


SchoolManatee killed me with an Excelcious to end my pain, but… I guess I just shrugged off the damage? And then healed to full health? And could play cards on my opponent’s unending turn? And got infinite mana?

That’s right, folks. The above screenshot is the Duelyst Afterlife, and Kaleos is in it! TAKE THAT MAEHV! Oh, one last thing… When I conceded, there was a huge amount of lag and then the game went back to normal. Hope CP will fix this soon™!


So…Game breaking strategeos confirmedv


let me ask an important question how good is your computer and your friends? a similar thing happened to me and someone else last night in with xorxull in that case the board was different solely because the speed in which the computer processed each turn for both people in my case with xorxull my computer is fast and his was slow and he was seeing everything 2 or three turns behind at least. :v


this is the most youtube title


That is odd. My computer is an older gaming computer and his is top-end, it is true, but this one is by no means slow. And besides, games with multiplayer are supposed to be built around potentially slow connection speeds. The millions of Excelsiouses lagged the game a ton for both of us, and I’m guessing that somehow broke the connection…


Time to nerf the promote VFX?

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