Magmar Replace/Grow Deck: Looking for feedback


Hello all. So, like the title says: I threw together a Magmar Replace deck. I first built it when Kron was released, and have only done some minor tweaks here and there as patches have hit. It serves me decently enough through Gold (yeah yeah, I know, Diamond+ is where the real challenge is. I’ll care enough to get there someday!), but I’m curious to know what I could do to make it better without losing the vision of it.

The main part of it is the Replace function. Getting a couple Aethermasters out alongside a White Widow or Kron can really start to swing things, and requires multiple dispels/removals to get rid of. The Grow minions offer other dispel targets, and give me another archetype to build off of. Two paths forward, which I like (especially since I don’t think that either one of them can sustain a deck by themselves).

I don’t have much draw, but I rarely find a need for it; if I’ve emptied my hand, chances are I’ve got a fairly beefy board presence and can replace enough to get to whatever I need.

I’m not sure about the Flashes anymore; few of the minions can afford to take that 2hp hit now. I used to use it to flash out Kron, but now that’s a significantly weaker play. The only other minion I really use it on is Kolossus, or an Aethermaster on the back lines for another replace that turn. Egg morphs and plasma storm are pretty straightforward. The Chrysalis Burst is a sort of stopgap; if I don’t draw into the replace engine, I typically end up hitting that at least, which stalls and/or gives me a board while drawing away some dispel/removal/AoE. Fractal is pretty versatile, but I usually aim to use it on a Replace minion and triple my value. Bonded Lifeforce is an alternate wincon: if my board doesn’t manage to kill you, well… I’m a dinosaur.

Shroud is a useful spot dispel, if I don’t have an egg morph on hand. Jaxi is there for a little stickiness, as well as a potential combo piece with Primordial Gazer. Gazer is also there to potentially buff up Kron’s prisoners. The Grow minions work well together if I can get a turn out of them, Huntress especially… But that’s always been the thing with Grow: you need to be able to get a turn or two before they’re worthwhile, and then they’re still super vulnerable to dispel. I end up rarely using the Kolossus, unless I’ve managed to get a Huntress out earlier.

Thoughts? Critiques? Praises? Lulz?


The first thing that stands out (besides the hybrid nature of the deck) is that it seems a little inconsistent. I don’t think the Aethermaster playset justifies running so many one-ofs and two-ofs.
And I agree with you; your range of creatures will rarely appreciate the flash cast.

Both grow and replace require set up to be effective, so the challenge here is to pressure your opponent with snowball threats while limiting your opponent’s options to answer them. I think you need a little more removals and sustain.

I’m NOT an expert on growmar or replace decks so I might unwittingly provide horrible advice, but here’s what I would change:

Makantor is too good to play less than 3 copies, I think Fractal Replication is more of a “win-more” card, Gro is a fantastic Grow minion that has a place in many Magmar decks (Gazer is sub-optimal by comparison), Moloki helps snowball your grow threats even faster so 3 copies is ideal imo, and while Bounded Lifeforce is cool its too situational in non-Vaath Smash focused decks to justify its mana cost. Also, Thumping Wave has fantastic utility.

That’s all I’ve got atm XD


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