Magmar Grandmaster


I am a borne again Makantorian and I’m sure my Lord and savior has given me a vision of magmar Grandmaster. We ALL know they left out magmar general because it was just so awesome and would over shadow all the other masters. So what does he or she does? We know Grandmaster s interact with generals and mylord has shown me what this one does.

Magmar general is a 6/6 for 6 with a opening gambit "all minions summoned by ur general this game gain grow +1/1 and rebirth. Makantor has shown me visions of this beast as it sticks with each grow and rebirth minions. Grow minions get the +1/1 on top of their grow number. Rebirth creatures gain double rebirth needing to be killed twice in egg form. Cp with inspiration from the one and only Makantor has seen to support both these under used themes.


Grow seems stacable but rebirth doesn’t, also Grandmasters interact with the general, not the minions. Your general gains Grow +1/+1 and rebirth seems compatible with rest of the Grandmasters, assuming that grow +1/+1only ‘heals’ up to 25. Also “your general is now Taygete”, would make sense as well, not him turning into taygete but gaining the effect.


Let’s make this a Forum Game : Try to guess the Magmar Grandmaster !

Let’s go!

Your General becomes a Makantor Warbeast

Nah, more seriously,
A random egg is summoned nearby when your General attacks


Rebirth on general will be too iffy. Fex, with the general as an egg you have already gone to loss screen. Or if you can somehow kill yourself on purpose and then use hatch spell to pop up with 25 health, having been reborn?

Better to have just grow I think, how about “Opening gambit: General and all minions in hand and deck gain grow +1/+1”


Or it could be something vague and game changing like variax.
Your general is now AWESOME
Your general gains grow +2/0 all heal effects are doubled and summons a valknus egg at the end of every turn.


Reviving your general mid game would be insanely fun… For you at least. Anyway “your general now has frenzy” or “your BBS becomes, your general and all minions gain frenzy this turn” also seems plausible.


But it does interact with the general gifting either with the joys of cancer. Did I forget to mention each grand Master you summon stacks on the grow and rebirth. Rebirth works like those Russian dolls you kill a egg a egg spawns kill that one it either dies or becomes a egg again depending on how many grand masters you played


Your general gains Silithar elder’s effect. The max health of the copies is 6.


Or your general summons a random egg and hatches a random egg


6 mana 6/6

Your BBS is now awesome.

Vaath: 3 Mana, gain two attack and hatch all eggs.

Starhorn: 3 Mana, both players draw two cards. Your opponent discards two cards at random.


how about, opening gambit: your general becomes awesome. for vaath it’s gain +2 attack at the end of your turn and can move 2 additional spaces. starhorn would be draw an extra card at the end of your turn then summon a random egg for every card you’ve drawn this turn. these would be undispellable like variax and cold be way too op. feel free to point it out if you think so


OG : You Win, 0/0 15 mana, in order to use it you will need 3x flash reincarnation at 9 mana


it should be called grandmaster mag-xodia :slight_smile:


Going with the frenzy,self-damage archetype that CP seems to try and push for magmar I believe that your grand master will be 6 mana 2/2 OP: deal 2 damage to all friendly units (including the ones in your deck, but barring any summoned ones e.g ones summoned through chrysalis burst).

i hope that you heretic dinosaurs rot in the Abyssian trenches as CP pulls out yet another 666 minion (seriously what is it with their obsession with that number?)

It’s either that or 6 mana 2/0 dying wish: turn into a vetruvian main and win the game with superior memes (your opponent won’t know what hit them)


1 Mana 1/1 OG : Put a thumping wave in your opponents hand, deal 15 damage to your general.


Grandmaster Te’Parau-Mau
Magmar Minion
7 Mana 7/7
Opening Gambit: The enemy general’s Bloodborn Spell is now AWFUL.

Roar - +1 attack to a random minion for 1 turn.
Afterglow - Restore 1 health to a random minion.
Blink - Teleport a friendly minion up to 2 spaces in a random direction.
Arcane Heart - Summon a Heartseeker in a random nearby space.
Stoneshroud - No change, just stays AWFUL.
Psionic Strike - No change, just stays AWFUL.
Shadow Spawn - Summon 1 wraithling in a random nearby space.
Abyssal Scar - Deal 1 damage to a nearby minion. If it dies this turn, its space turns into Shadow Creep.
Overload - Your general gains +1 attack for 1 turn, enjoy life as a Vetruvian, punk.
Seeking Eye - The enemy general draws a card.
Warbird - Deal 2 damage to enemy minions in the enemy general’s column.
Kinetic Surge - Minions summoned this turn get +1/+1 and “Infiltrate: Gain +1 health,” nope, still AWFUL. =S


I hate to be that guy, but… Grandmasters interact with GENERALS


Is that the rule? That’s surprising to me, I guess you’re right; 3 affect the enemy general, 1 affects bloodborn spells, and 1 does something if your general dies.


It’d be interesting to see a grandmaster useful to both Starhorn and Vaath, not just the latter.


Grandmaster egg
8 mana 0/1
Cannot be targeted by enemy spells
Cannot be damaged by enemy minions or generals
Hatches into your new general and your old general becomes a spirit(minion)

Hatches into a 2/25