Magmar EggMar deck/list


Hi. I’ve been playing Duelyst since February and after finishing the last few seasons at 8(?) or so I would say I’m a Magmar main- I’m a Vaath guy. I’m good at the game but obviously just good. I’m at best ok at deck building- but I think this could be something.

I’ve had some success since SZ came out and most of it has been with this EggMar deck. it’s a little clunky, I think soj should come out for a blistering scorn and it can be inconsistent early. As I’ve been playing it I’ve found that if you can get the sticky early stuff out (rex, young silithar) the opponent spends the resources they need in both cards and movement on 1 and 3 health minions and killing eggs. The other way the early game works is through the ramp mechanics. In both cases of course I’m trying to pump Vaath and punch the other general in the face. In the mid game I’m looking to start getting some heals to get Vaath healthy and start planning the late game, hopefully with a twin fang in hand and an Elder to go with it. I have very often won games by running away at this point, ideally with the health lead, while my Elders make more Elders, make more Elders, make more Elders. The other way is to, ideally with a health lead- twin fang equipped, march behind a wall of Elders, making eggs that have to be killed, pumping you up and keeping your Elders healthy for smashing the almost surely weaker minions the opponent will be playing. In this second scenario, the game is only a couple of turns from ending.

Help? thoughts? I would love to see more people try this kind of Magmar Eggmar theme. I realize Magmar isn’t as “meta” as other factions right now- but overpowered cards are overpowered cards and Magmar still has that. VaathSmash type decks seem dead and good old mid range too slow. Ramp seems to be viable and heals are better than ever for burst-y decks so this deck ignores the opponents life in large part, smashes shit, gets Vaath jacked AF with bbs and twin fang while playing tons of heals and filling the board with Elders, making eggs that turn into Elders, that make eggs that make more Elders. The deck is lots of fun and I take criticism well so please try it out and tell why it sucks or doesn’t suck.



Ehh, I wouldn’t call that List eggmar, you just use the two good silithars and Rex (does it really fit the aim of your deck?), but none of the egg Synergy cards. I mean they are ass so i don’t blame you, but i expected sth. way different from the title. I’d highly recommend to use Khymera, it’s fun af with Rampmar, synergizes well with Kujata and Flash and has got a slight buff with Shimzar due to Pets. Khymera also is better vs. cassy than Elder. Maybe take out Bounded and Sojo for it.

You also want a third Sunsteel and third Egg Morph, as Nibelung said, maybe take Rejuvenators out, since its redundant.


I don’t want to sound rude but unless you often use eggmorph to hatch your eggs there’s hardly any egg synergy to call this eggmar. It looks more like a control list with twin fang bursts as a secondary wincon.

Name aside, some questionable choices are:

  • Rex : what does he actually accomplish for you? Why not primus fist for example? It’s also kinda dead in hand if you have Kujata summoned already.
  • Rejuvenators : I guess you want them to stall the game a little more or for when you need a body with the heal, however it becomes redundant when you already have 3xEarth Spere.
  • Flash : why only 2? Elder is clearly your wincon, having him on board early can win games faster. It also helps your early inconsistency problem if you have no 2 drop.

So without changing the list too much I would go:
-3 Rex
-2 Rejuvenator
+1 Flash
+1 Maraccaman(sunsteel lol)
+1 Elder ( if you can afford it )

+2/3 Primus first ( 2 if you add an elder ).
OR +2/3 Skorn if you want more TF synergy, it helps a little against artifacts/swarm too.
OR +2/3 Kron so you actually have something strong to play at 5, it also eats removal for later elders.
OR +2/3 Mandrakes, same as Kron, cheaper, can be even more threatening.

Note: You could remove mystics for Kron/Mandrakes since 3xFlash+12 4 drops should guarantee your T1 plays. See if you really need the healing or want more lategame punch.

As always I hope my suggestions make sense.