Magmar decks in higher ranks


I recently reached diamond, so I decided to play a few matches. I noticed that most of the decks I played against were Magmar decks. I also noticed that most of these were not standard burn Magmar decks. I was wondering if this was common in this division as most of the decks i faced in upper gold were essentially copy pasted “meta” decks.


That’s probably because people in the upper ranks are mostly playing decks which are good or are tech’d against Burnmar, so the Diamond Mags need to be a little more creative if they intend to get to S…


You never know they probably got past gold spamming magmar meta decks and now they are trying new stuff. Lord knows I’m tired of facing entropic, elucidator and thumping wave combos


That’s probably true, and I did actually see one starhorn still running a very effective burn deck.


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