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Magmar deck ideas


Well if you can actually make this work, I will call you His majesty your grace the highness of dankbeasts galore, the memelord the one and only nomnomnomnom from now on, announcing your presence in every thread u grace(I will literally do that.).

And if you do, then, the conditions would probably be:

Keep hatefurnace and bloodsworn. Use only ranged minions, or 9< minions which could help proc hatefurnace. No decispikes. No ragnora. Either Vaath or Starhorn. Artifacts are okay. Use only buff spells(Ramp is A-okay). 3x of a single removal can be used, but you lose the dankbeast memelord title then.

The idea is that this is a tempo/prison list, Where you keep dropping game ending threats, that the opponent is forced to spend removal on to kill, preventing them from dropping anything useful. That’s why it’s beyond most of our iq to comprehend. Minion damage and gambler to clear. Yes gambler is probably better than plasma storm.

Wincon run rush frenzy gambler otk.


bet. i won’t try. I WILL DO IT


#respect. I expect a winrate over 60% to consider it even remotely viable. I will see you there brother.


im only in silver, but i will try to get as high up as i can.


does jaxi count as ranged?


This is gonna be the first try towards the HateGambler OTK (still need 7650 spirit :sweat_smile:)


Yeah it’s alright. Looks like a very intruiging build there.


what about this one (not for the challenge @fr0stfyre1)


krater is better than skorn. bcuz u know, powercreep. Dont use scorn. Especially if you want twin fang combos. Leviathan is pretty useless here. Actually leviathan is useless everywhere. Instead of eclipse, it might be more useful to pick up both eternal heart and ruby rifter. They’re epic for self damage vaath. tec spikes is useles since your curve is pretty high. Spelljammer might be better. Pack rebuke(This isn’t a suggestion its a statement.).


fix it for ya! sounds pretty good like that. thx

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