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Magmar deck ideas


ive got some pretty kinky ideas for magmar, and would like to see if any of you guys would be willing to try it any off them out for me or to give advice. (i sadly have more ideas then spirit.)

Aggro Ragnora



Any deck with rag is overpowered

I have 0 experience with hatefurnace, but I think you need more ways to consistently get the trial out, like minos and maybe more buff spells. Its also fine to play a hybrid of midrange/hatefurnace where you don’t really plan on getting it out, but if it does, that’s good.

Lavaslasher should be better than Brightmoss


vindicator/visionary count for the trial if you cast a spell that triggers the card draw, like entropic, spikes, or Starhorn BBS.


I know that (not trying to come off as harsh)

Trial still feels like it will never be completed because you really can’t except things to live longer than a turn, and that’s a problem for buff decks, forcing you to only play visionar/vindicator at their mana+1

Also it doesn’t matter if they get procced off entropic/spikes because there are none in the deck.

I remember there being lots of good hatefurnace attempts on forums, including @alplod’s arcanafurnace, and maybe something @miguelosz can whip up.


yeah, that is a good point. hrm… i like the vindicator because he snowballs at an insane rate and can get very powerful without the trial (and he has a pretty mana low cost compared to visionary), so maybe i should swap visionary for amplification add more trial triggers and to keep my young bois alive long enough for them to become big bois?


don’t worry about it, im not gonna get offended so easily. thanks for the thought though :wink:


Ragnora Aggro is an established (and very strong) archetype - see AlphaCentury’s original build, or Reeee69’s recent budget build. The deck you presented is way too slow to be called aggro. It’s an ok midrange build, but as far as such decks go, it’s overshadowed by what Ragnora can do with Wanderer or Extinction Event.

Hatefurnace is a much less popular archetype, but I saw Moggin playing it in S last season and having good success. His list is a little hard to reverse engineer, but here’s my best guess:

As you can see, it’s a much more low-curve and combo-centric build. If you’re looking for a slower deck like the one you posted, the best one I’ve seen is RHacker’s Ragnora Arcanyst Hatefurnace, which is very creative but tricky to play well.


Interesting take! So many takes of hatefurnace, and yours is the first to not run flash and remain reasonable. The party thanks you, comrade.


Here’s my janky version of Furnace, again very different take: Miguel's Miscellaneous Memes (space for my Mag, Vet & Vanar decks)

Yes, it really does run Carcynus. And Planar-freaking-Scout :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, get those Razor Skins in asap they’re the best trial proc card imo.


my budgety version runs scout, actually (i was inspired by your version), but im not really a fan of razor skin. what are the benefits of running it?


How does this version look? @miguelosz


1 mana trial proc that is also draw (you can either replace the battle pet or use it as a buff target). It is actually very good for Hatefurnace.


Looks ok to me. I think Spikes would be better instead of Gaze since it’s an alternative wincon with Vindicator, but otherwise I don’t have any big suggestions.


Here’s a deck idea. I double dog dare you to make this viable


I first thought this was posted on my deckthread, then my heart skipped a beat… then I noticed it wasn’t and let out a sigh of relief…

-> forget what you just read above, the deck seems super strong and will surely become the new meta in the coming months :smiley:


Rush frenzy bloodsworn gambler otk ftw.

and they said makantor was the future


Btw, I have no idea how Frenzy Gambler interaction is supposed to work…





Cries in Xenkai Cannoneer.


wait, do you actually want me to make it work? if so, what are the requirements? do i have to keep certain card/any cards? do i have to use only/mostly ranged? what is the wincon of the deck?