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Magmar Control/Lockdown decklist [SSSS rank]


Don’t let anyone tell you it’s bad, they’re just jealous.


ty goods ir i started playing this month and im n0w rank 15 :smile::smile::smile


np fellow weeboo leave like if usfull!!


Isn’t there a meme topic for content like this?


Excuse me? This is a high quality decklist only used by those who have been enlightened and understand what true terror is. I have won 20 championships, gotten S rank 1 every month, and have over 30,000 confirmed kills.


larkhorn new meta confirmed

cp nerf pls


Is this deck legit? :open_mouth:


Its commonly referred to as dance of memes, that should tell you enough.
(the gist is to get kujata out and twinfang equipped, cast dance of dreams and summon tons of 1 health minions to get a huge OHKO, its pretty unrealiable though.)


Omg, this is hilarious.


There is no discussion going on. Closing…

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