Magmar can Otk to: Copying my Reddit series over to here


I have been playing combo Fractual Elucidator for awhile now. I am high diamond almost back to S.
It was a lot scarier pre-expansion, as now songhai otk just does it a little better. But it can still compete even with meldhai combo as its easy to stay at full health with the deck. And unlike meldhai fractal lets you choose the spots so no rng losses. The control shell is also a hard counter to vetruvians two main decks which are the runner ups after meldhai, and against lions in general. It struggles the most against just strait up face decks which are thankfully phasing out a little, leaving this as a proper anti meta deck.
I am sharing it because I have started seeing people posting similar things and wanted to try and get some credit for it while I can. And with meldhai in the works its no longer nearly as impressive, but I am still proud of it.

Abjucator+fractual+2 of either fortitude or amplification+Flash+Elucidator is 28 out of hand damage for 7 mana.
Of course its fairly rare I do the whole thing. But at 8 mana flash+elucidator+fractual is 15 out of hand damage and is very easy to pull off. If you have an abjucator instead of flash its 9 mana. Multiple abjucators on a fractal reduce it even more. In a pinch you can fractal a tiger or mank instead. The deck pretty much without fail wins on the 9 mana turn, frequently at 8, occasionally at 6-7 and with the perfect hand it can win at 5.
Besides the combo its built on a control shell which mag excels at. Lets the deck usually stall without any issue and then win out of no where. Starhorn makes sure you draw the combo/don’t have to play the combo pieces your holding onto.
Edit: Been trying out aether over Kujata again, I think I prefer the added consistency to the rare occasion Kujata speeds things up, as juta almost never manages to survive even hidden in a corner.

So here is the deck my dedicated control version evolved from. Fractal is really cool on any of the replace units. it also has the potential to otk with Elucidator, tiger, or Mank just like the dedicated version. It’s still solid on its own and is not nearly as reliant on the combo as the dedicated version, but on the flip side it does not have as many answers to problem decks and is not as consistent. But winning with fractaled replace guys is often much more satisfying then the OTK version.

Obligatory Dance of Memes post. How the deck works is you get Kujata out, then play dance of memes. Now every one health thing you play will die to Kujata and cause you to draw a card. You then cycle through your deck untill you hit twin fang. Play it and continue cycling through your deck, since Kujata is doing damage to everything you summon twin fang makes your generals attack go into double and triple didgets real fast, go over and OTK your enemy.

So at 7 mana you can play two kujatas, dance, and twin fang all in one turn, this is ideal as it can’t be stopped. Against many decks you can pull it off, but agaisnt more aggressive decks that are not going to let you live that long you can always drop Kujata the turn before you combo and hope it survives. So you can combo as early as turn two at four mana if your really lucky. It’s safer at 5 mana where you can play your second Kujata so your less likely to whiff by drawing two drops. Playing fang is safer since it’s not a big deal of it dies, but it will clue your opponent into what your doing and they may just forever stay out of mele range at that point.

Now while I would love to take credit for the deck, and while I may have discovered it on my own many months ago, aparantly others have known of it for longer then I had. But with shimzar out I finally have a chance to jump on it. The introfuction of a bunch of new pets has greatly increased the decks consistency. I have taken it on my self to refine it.

So two big things older versions of the deck forget are Ephemeral Shroud, and Ghost Lynx. These two cards prevent provoke and body blocking from beeing an issue, and are low enough in health and cost to work with the combo. And to a lesser extent aether master for added consistency. Beyond that it’s just include ALL of the 1 health 1 drops and of course the combo. The decks strength is it is effectivly a two card combo. As once you have a juta and dance you can cycle into fang and Lynx if there is something in the way without issue.

A couple notes on playing. Always recycle 1 drops, as you want to play two drops since they can occasionally mess up the combo. You do not want to flood the board, you want your hand allmost full to make sure you don’t whiff on your combo so only play one or two things a turn. It’s usualy safe to cycle a fang as well unless you already have your combo and want to try and play it the turn before to go off faster.

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