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Mage cassyva infinite damage


Before I discovered duelyst i played hearthstone. And my favorite class was mage, who had best damage from hand like frostbolts deal 3 damage, fireballs deal 6 damage, etc. It also had good polymorphs. So this is what i came up with;
-3 silence, 3 aoe silence and 2 super silence for all those magmar growth/rebirth bs
-3 crypto and 3 mentors for mentor->bbs->crypto->bbs->bbs card->bbs card combo which deals 4 damage and can extend with more mentors and cryptos.
-3 white widows and 3 obules for machine gun 2 damage, 3 araras prophet to make machine gun heal, 3 aethermasters for extra firepower and 3 astral crusaders that can stack into infinity while we machine gun heal. It is also worth mentioning that mentor bbs cards can give us ammunition for machine gun
-3 mirrorims on 3 riftwalkers gives us 12 riftwalkers, each dealing 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 dmg which should be easy to pull off since we have all the replace cards in the game. You could also mirrorim a mirrorim to add another 3 mirrorims and then continue intensifying riftwalkers into infinity
-1 obliterate to profit from all those bbs kills that made shadow creep we don’t need for AOE board
-3 infest to profit from all those minion kills and to make our enemy think twice before he surround us with minions

Could this work? What would you improve in this deck concept?


so the basic idea is riftwalkers can do infinite damage maybe? Take out infest and obliterate and use something useful like munch


For starters, punish. It’s budget, and I guess you already own it. And/or lure.

Then, Kron is generally awesome and has replace synergy. But it’s legendary.

Not sure about Infest in general. And Crypto in Cass.

Mirrorrim is bad, but you can have it just for lulz. I do sometimes.


Astral Crusader should be a 1-off, since replacing him only reduces the cost of that copy. Having played both Riftwalker + Mirrorrim and Widow + Theobule combos before, the first is not as easy as you think. At most you will summon 4 Riftwalkers, and you may still lose since the first Riftwalker and Mirrorrims are a big tempo loss. Whereas a well-timed Widow into Theobule with a full hand can really turn the tide of the game. For that, you need more draw (especially since you lose hand size with Mirrorrim). I’d take out Infest, since it has anti-synergy with Widow (you can’t target her procs).


The title scared me, just yesterday I made an almost-all-spell Cassyva list and I thought somebody wanted to steal the copyrights from me! Fortunately this has nothing to do with that deck I made, so I can leave in peace.

The others already gave good advice. The only thing I can add is that if you really like Riftwalker, maybe you could use Consuming Rebirth instead of Mirrorrim?


Consuming Rebirth is indeed much fun with Walker, seconded :slight_smile:

Now I’m getting interested, you’re not using the Infinite Pluck Alcuins combo are you Phoinex? That one’s “copyright” already belongs to me :stuck_out_tongue: that’s also what I thought this thread would be about based on the title


Add in Nether summoning and Zurael for even more Riftwalkers!!!


:thonk: I’ve actually tried him with Blood Echoes. I also like to live dangerously!


Don’t worry Miguelosz it isn’t the infinite, Painful Pluck deck (although that one was really fun, thanks for sharing it). It is more like Mantra without the burn so far :thonk:

With Riftwalker? That is a recipe for suicide.


Ok cool, sounds fun! :slight_smile:


Or suicide Bombing


Thanks for the replies i will take them into consideration. Does consuming rebirth, zurael, blood echoes and nether summoning trigger riftwalkers intensify?


Yes. Intensify ain’t an opening Gambit. Any form of entering the battlefield triggers it.

Fractal Okadoks are something to be scared for a reason.


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