Maehv Dying Wish deck ideas


I am saving up spirit to build a variation of DA’s ramp maev/dying wish deck. I just dont know how I want to build it since I know there is alot of variations out there HERE is my variation on it. If u want to post yours here that would be pretty cool or even give feedback on mine :D.


Lacks purpose. What do i mean with that? Mostly that this is just raw Xor rush without powerful loadouts after you trigger it. You have no good dying wishes really worth accelerating with Carrion Collector as rebounded Desolators always return to hand full-priced. I’d pull out one Gor and rethink the Collectors for something with a bigger OOMPH when it dies. A couple Rot9M or something of the like could be wondrous there, and maybe a two Unbirths for after swarming.


Well the way u have it set up I don’t see a reason not to use cassyva instead. You can kill most of your list with her bbs, u don’t lose health for it, there is the minor bonus of a creep tile, and the ability to damage enemy minions. Plus it works well with punishment. And with all the heal you have you can go face with your General more often with out being worried about being put in a bad spot. I don’t see a reason to use Mahev, over her but if there’s another one plz let me know because it might help me edit my xor’xuul list.


Your Carrion Collectors are not doing anything for you. If a cost reduced Desolator dies it comes back to your hand as a 4 mana card and that’s your most expensive DW minion.


So, you wanna play Maehv Dying wish? First thing, kick Gor, Xor and Gibbet for sure, add Lurking fear, Nekomata, Vorpal reavers, you can take out Crypto/Punish/Banishing for stuff like Grimes/Gnasher/Chackram


i was going for more of a ramp maehv deck, the reason i use maehv is because she gives 4/4’s. Dying wish is just a sub theme.


this is what i got now


Slightly more classic, good. The Unseven seems sort of out of place, tho. As @alexx55 said, swap it for Gnashers and we’re perfect for a test run.


Remove Xor, you wont need him to win, also, replace Consuming with Lurking fear


gnasher? I dont know what that card is


wait nm lol i found it


Should I keep going with this list or go for a lillith swarm deck instead. Im alot more familiar with swarm since i played it in my last account


Since you already have the Unsevens, why not try something close to this secret breed of mine: Dark Memes XIV: Adventures of the Devouring Fish (aka Double ramp Cass aka how to play Gate without playing Gate) (doesn’t actually need to be as expensive and it’s difficult af to play, but boi those player 1 turn 3 Dagonas with pseudo-rush are worth it!)


Hmm. Too bad can’t use carrion in this deck.

Or can we?

Returning it with Keeper may seem underwhelming, but it’s additional ramp…

Too late to make sense probably.


Yeah, I don’t think it’ll work well with Keeper. Even with Unseven, there’s always that uncomfortable possibility of replacing into a Collector which gets summoned by Unseven (I’ve had this pretty often even when playing Jaxi in an Unseven list).


I remember myself wanting to try this deck to find out I lack 1 Keeper, 1 Klaxon, 2 Dagonas and 3 Unseven :sob:

I now probably have a full set of Klaxons and at least 2 Dagonas, but it’s still a long way to go…


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