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Made my first deck, looking for suggestions :)


Hey guys, I’m fairly new. Made my own very first deck and I’m looking for optimizations. The point is to take advatange of the synergy between Aspect of Ego and tempo cards namely Malicious Wisp or Sunset Paragon.

What do you guys suggest I should add/remove/change?
The only card I care about keeping is Aspect of Ego.


As a whole, it’s a neat concept. Aspect of Ego could be interesting since Opening Gambit minions sacrifice stats for speed, and Ego could quickly turn a small body into a larger threat.

Do you feel like you’re running low on hand size? I know you have some tools like Blaze Hound and the Bloodbound Mentors. It’s just that Aspect of Ego tends to eat hand size fairly quickly,

If there’s any one concern I have, it’s the number of 2 mana minions. Most will recommend 9-12 to ensure you have a playable card on turn 1. Perhaps switch out Aspect of the Mountains for Hearth Sister. She’s too good to pass up.

Hailstone Prison is also a premium card for Vanar. If you can find room for it, I think it would be useful.


You rock.
Nice list to start with.

I would personally kick Dustwailer and something else out and include Jax+Razorback, they’re a classic finisher and extra spicy with Aspect of Ego.



Solid deck! I run a Magmar/Araki deck myself and its a blast.

So, first I’d switch out Gravity Well for Primus Fist and Malicious Wisp for Bloodtear Alchemist or Ephemereal Shroud. That should immediately bump your T1 plays.

Then since you have just such high flat-out removal from Rift/Sunset/Dust, switch out atleast one or two Chromatic for Frigin Corona. You need a /tiny/ bit more draw. My deck runs Starhorn and Tectonic and sometimes that can still be touch and go.

You could also consider something similar to below with Reliquarian as Vanar benefits from swarm quite often. I’d love to see a Vanar variant tbh. Animus Plate+Reliquarian plus some Vespyr minions mixed in creates a hell of an endgame.



Right off I would trade Chrom Cold for Hailstone Prison (It is a strong standalone tempo tool and it can be extra rude when combined with wisp or Rift), and I would trade Dustwailer out for EMP.

I would also consider trading Gravity Well for another proper 2 drop like good old healing Mystic/Herald. While gravity well is a decent standalone it usually prefers to have more synergy like Kara/aspects/wall tech. And on a related note while Aspect of the Mountain is a real powerhouse and is nasty with wisp, the lack of one drops like blood tear/chaser and the like does not leave you with a lot of good targets. But I would definitely either lean into Gwell or away.

Araki is always such an interesting choice, but without leaning into cheap minions with opening gambit I am not sure he worth the slot. But he is neat enough and you have enough OG that he could stay if you wanted. But with options like Blood Tear, Healers, Wisps, Snow Chaser, replicant and the like he has a lot of competition.

As it stands you seem to be somewhere in-between a tempo list and an aspect list, here are my two closest decks for comparison, both of which could find room for Ego if it was a must:


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