Made it to Rank 10!


Broke into Gold! :smiley: Just sharin’ the news!

This was the deck that did it for me:

Deck Approach - Eliminate minions until hitting the 5 mana mark.

Very very solid, very very well rounded. Biggest improvement would probably be to remove a vale hunter or mantella for another 5M.

I think what I like about the deck the most is the number of varying answers it provides, as well as the flexibility in win con: this deck can lead to a short 5 turn win, or can still handle a long 8-10 turn game.

Extra plus personally is that I’ve handled Magmar well pretty consistently. Abyssians tend to be the largest varied results in games.

Just a happy post coming by the forum page for accomplishing my goal :slight_smile:


Conhrats on ur first free monthly legendary, looks like a solid budget deck but why the artic displacer with no vespyr combo


What combo? Additionally, is it possible to drop out of gold or lose out on the monthly legendary once I enter into gold? What happens to my standing next month?


Congrats :smiley: I certainly wouldn’t play the Vale Hunters, Mantellas, or Meltdowns. Also, since you have the Bloodborn cards, you’ll find Frigid Corona to be super useful at slowing the opponent down.


Glad to hear you reached gold! And no need to worry about dropping from gold. Once you reach a new division, you can’t drop beneath it for the remainder of the season. :smiley: Probably a good time to try new stuff without the risk of dropping ranks.

That new legendary is gonna feel nice! You earned it! And it’s FREE! It might even help contribute to your next big deck idea!


Iceblade dryad and Huldra. Basically you play Artic Displacer far out of reach of the enemy so that when your turn comes back you can either give it flying and +1/+1 or celerity. Mostly ur gonna use iceblade dryad. But the two will be great for lethal. Its a good way to get 11 or more damage


Because I have 1 Huldra and 0 Iceblades lol. :slight_smile:


Look at all those 2’s congratulations btw I assume it’s ur first time making gold well good news once ur here you unusually make it here every season onward.


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