Made DIAMOND! With Sajj of all Generals


And not a moment too soon. AMA lol. Oh yeah and it was a hybrid Sajj Deck!


Woohoo! Decklist? Findings- matchups, problems for your list?


Here is the Decklist.


Realized early on that I need to have a counter in the deck to beat every other meta out there, so after seeing who my opponent was I aggressively replace to get those counter cards in hand.


I have a few questions;

  • Only one Shroud? How do you choose what to dispel, or deal with things beyond your immediate reach?

  • How do you manage your artifacts in conjunction with Skorn?

  • I know you had the Grovekeepers for Kron, how do you use them now? Do you save them for anything? How do you decide when to play them if provoke/frenzy isn’t showing up?


The shroud was rarely used, I would use falcius and my BBS primarily with the ankh to “dispel” minions, the hollow grove was RARELY used, until a lyonar came around then I grabbed all I could. As for artifact management, get an ankh in hand ASAP and use it with BBS for 0 cost, 0 risk removal


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