MacOS 10.9 MacBook Pro - Won't Run


Hi I’m using a 4gb RAM OS X 10.9 Core 2 Duo 2ghz MacBook Pro with a 9400m Nvidia card and the game doesn’t run. What’s the problem?! Why is this game not working? It’s 2d Pixel art!!

I haven’t tried yet but I’m sure Hearthstone will work just fine on this hardware.


why are this game’s requirements so high - oh well i had wanted to play duelyst but I’ll play Krosmaga instead


I’m gonna continue calling ya’ll out!!!

Every single other card game runs like butter on this macbook but yours won’t even start!!

Krosmaga, Shadowverse, Hearthstone, Infinity Wars - they run smooth as butter, and some are even more graphically intensive than this game, so why is your game not running! Somebody answer me!!!


Hi, can you explain what is actually happening? What issues are you experiencing, is the game producing an error, what client are you running on, etc.


Your game is not producing an error, it simply doesn’t start. I’m trying to run it on Steam.

  1. I click the Play Game button in Steam
  2. The screen slides over to black.
  3. 1 half second later I’m back at the Steam Store


Weird, your best option is to submit a ticket here and in the meantime you may want to try and see if that version works.


ok, the browser version and the stand alone client works perfectly!! Which is interesting because on my windows PC the browser version never worked, so that’s why I didn’t try it on the Mac. Well thanks for the support. Lets put the whole thing behind us :taxi: