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Lyonar Zir'an healing deck


Hi, I’ve put together a healing deck that works pretty well in games but was wondering how you guys think I should improve/upgrade it? The only change I really have planned atm is to change out the remaining sundrop elixir with a trinity oath (I just need a bit more dust). What else do you guys think I should change?

Here it is:


Actually put those sundrop elixirs back. They’re actually really good. Also ruby rifter doesn’t belong here. Everything else looks really good.


I’ve left ruby rifter in for a late game threat/burst as well as the card draw, else I think my deck falls off quite a bit late game. What big stuff do you think I should put in its place or do u think that stuff like the lightchasers provide enough of a threat by themselves? Also, what do you think should come out of the deck if I put the sundrop elixirs back in?

Thanks for the advice!!


Excelsious is good late game however it is a legendary so it’s a bit spirit heavy. War exorcist (yes another legendary) is also a good option. Lyonar in general isn’t known for their late game. The one of skorn here isn’t that useful especially when you have tempest. Btw you should run three tempests. So replace the skorn with another tempest.

Here’s a budget heal ziran list that you migth want to compare you deck to. Obviously you already have some upgrades like trinity oath. You should probably take out sunbloom here. You can tweak to your personal preference.


I’d up the amount of viritol and add in healing mystics. Lightchasers aren’t too good and you don’t need that many maidens.Not too sure what’s up with Zir or rifter as well. Also run 3 oaths, its your only cards draw.


Do you like electronic music?


Excelsiuos is bad late game.

Most effective Zir’an builds close games with burn now. That means you should discard slower cards like Maiden, Rifter and Zir and put Lucent beams, Sunstrikes, Vitriols supported by full set of Trinity Oaths.

BTW, elixir is pretty good, I usually play at least 2. It’s 1 mana combo enabler and insane healing.


Excelsious good? :joy:
-8 mana
-doesn,t do anything the turn it is played
-gets *** by dispel
-gets *** by any kind of removal(there is a ton of removal around that even aegis can,t fend off)


Excelsious is cool and all, but not in this deck. As Alpod said, I think you need to be a bit faster


The reason why Excelsious is bad extends beyond the fact that it’s just weak. Healyonar is so much stronger as an aggro deck rather than a control one, so running Excelsious is counterintuitive. Below is the list I use. I found myself replacing Sunstrike and Immolation a lot so you can take that out for more Waves and some Elixirs. Some decks tech in Skron instead of Spelljammer, and I think Niklaren runs Scintilla.


Let me test out Elixr real quick. It seems like a anti-tempo card but maybe not.


The deck that brought me to S last month was more or less this, with -2 dampening wave -2 sunstrike -1azure herald +2sunset paragon +2sundrop elixir +1 holy immo


For as much as the good ol’ answer of “yeah man but BoA” still stands, Excelcius imo can still hold ground like a deity if you play it right. He enters me the rough same territory as a Peacekeeper, except for the Worldcore potential.
The only way for him to be functional, however, i feel is to be in a tempo setup where you can pull so many must-answer threats in so little time that the enemy can’t exactly pick a right target.

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