Lyonar Rant - 15 characters


I’m tired of Holy Immolation and I’m REALLY tired Regalia. The value of Regalia is insane, especially when it starts to get stacked. HI is pretty guilty too. I’d be using a lot more creative terminology to express my distaste for how overloaded Lyonar is, but I’m looking to remain civil.

Just a rant. Carry on. :slight_smile:


What faction do you primarily play on ladder?


Songhai and Vanar


So… you’re playing the faction that arguably has the least trouble with artifacts and excels at ignoring board and burning face… and the other has the most efficient removal in the game and therefore has little trouble with Lyonar’s fat minions… what exactly ARE you complaining about?


Not too hard to play around Holy Immolation or break an artifact, imo. Regalia isn’t even strong enough to run in most of my lists anymore.


I play backstab songhai, and the rant came from playing as Vanar. Can’t break an artifact when it’s just your general because Lyonar can take out all your other minions with fantastic AoE and removal of their own. +2 attack and the sheer length of time it takes to break Regalia’s.

Literally lost 2 in a row due to both cards. How is the value of either 4 mana?


Lyonar is, at very very best, the third best deck right now and I don’t think it’s even that. It’s hardly played at all in S right now. Immolation is a touch overpowered, yes. Regalia definitely is not, and the faction as a whole definitely definitely definitely is not! If you want to prove me wrong, play Lyonar and get into the top 10. Shouldn’t be a problem because it’s “overloaded” right?


Cards and money I both don’t have for.

Can you or someone justify or rationalize why Regalia’s worth 4 mana? Maybe in vacuum it might be arguable, maybe. But Lyonar has enough tools to deal with the typical amount/quality of minions on the board to create a 1v1, where the best combatant vs it is Vaath. I really would love a justification for it’s mana cost.


Well it’s not terrorizing the meta, it’s not a staple in (almost) every competitive Lyonar deck. Lyonar isn’t dominating the meta either. Compared to the other 4-cost Artifacts Arclyte Regalia is probably the best of the bunch, but something always has to be best and this game packs a lot of ways to get rid of artifacts anyway. Both my main Zir’An and Argeon decks don’t run any Regalia, and I own three copies.

I’m sorry my friend but I suspect you’re just a bit tilted right now, if that’s the case I hope you feel better soon. If it’s not due to tilt I expect we’ll just agree to disagree on this.

If you want to turn this into a ‘got any advice for me?’ thread I’d totally be up for it.


well, i play vetruvian, which has the least ways of pinging off artifacts of any faction except maybe lyonar. and i generally break regalia a turn or 2 after they play it. this is also coming from someone who really hates lyonar. I’m mostly just annoyed by them now. i only really thought of them as op when i was really new to the game


+2 attack and ignore 2 damage from the FIRST damage that you take that turn isn’t really the hardest effect to counter (granted you have more than one way of dealing damage to enemy general). Trust me I once thought that regalia was OP, but once I became aware of the limits behind said card I realized that it really wasn’t that much of a big deal, especially when taken into consideration the other combos available to Lyonar (play against kevin2hard and you’ll know what I mean).

Holy immo-gofukyoyrself is still devastating to play against, but there are just somethings in life that you can’t avoid. :grimacing:


I appreciate that you didn’t make this a hate thread. You’re voicing concerns in a much more civil manner than some others I’ve heard. Regalia and Holy Immolation are incredibly powerful cards. There’s no denying that.
We do have to recognize that Lyonar doesn’t have many fast cards, and Holy Immolation helps them in that regard. It can also be played around to an extent. I’m sure the more you play, the more you’ll be able to play around the card.
Regarding Regalia, I think there are enough cards that do damage out-of-hand to deal with this card. It’s a strong play when a Lyonar player is ahead on board, but not usually under any other circumstances.


Songhai tired of opponent artifacts ?

Cheap, common, surprising :wink:

And with any other faction, neutral, cheap, common with a decent body for 2 mana :

Of course it may affect your tempo/ramp but would be better than suffering versus a double Regalia :stuck_out_tongue:


Crawler is just better, even in Songhai


Depends in which situation. In songhai bodies don’t matter as much, and the artifact destroyed is random. For the same cost you can completely get rid of all artifacts which can yield more value than the rust crawler.


yes, but then you have a useless spell that you can’t play in every other scenario instead of a 2/3 body which is fine for the cost. i’ve found that in cases where i want to destroy an artifact, they usually only have one


Also crawler is better because it’s 2 drop and you can play it in 1 turn


It’s extremely uncommon, likely quite rare, that an opponent has more than one artifact equipped. Also, many decks run no artifacts whatsoever. In the OVERWHELMING majority of matchups and situations, Crawler is better. The other card blows, really.


Lyonar is no where near strong. I main Lyanor and there is like 2 win conditions. You won the board and have some big minion, divine bond, you hit their face, or you keep trading and use saberspine and roar to finish. I wouldnt even call saberspine a win condition since any faction can play it, and they all have better buffs too.


I have to agree that Holy immolation is very powerful and annoying. Arclyte regalia is only dangerous if they own the board. Songhai have so many pings to hit the enemy general with (Bloodrage mask, Four Winds Magi, Ranged units, Phoinex Fire) that they shouldn’t take it as a serious threat. Vanar can wreck their board with all their removal (making Regalia useless) and destroy it without getting a scratch (Boundless courage, Faie’s Bloodborn, Shroud).