Lyonar Midrange/Control


I’ve been playing exclusively Lyonar for the past month and have struggled to climb to S from Gold. This decklist has recently given me good results and I just wanted to share it with the community for some feedback on the card choices.

The Deck.

Give it a try, share your changes, give your opinion.
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I’m missing silverguard knights in this deck. They are very well statted and afterblaze targets. Why did you leave them out? I also think you need more removal/dispel, decimate doesn’t really work against Kron or Aymara. How are Zir and Solarius working out for you? I haven’t tried those yet.


I saw another list without them and decided to give it a try. Honestly I haven’t missed them.

My tactic is to play for control and really only attack minions (unless playing against vanar). The board gets stacked in my favor and a minion with 2 attack and my bloodborn spell is enough to take out either of those. I prefer having my opponent react to my plays instead of vice versa.[quote=“e11fturns, post:2, topic:4249”]
How are Zir and Solarius working out for you? I haven’t tried those yet.

Solarius wins games. (IN THE RIGHT DECK) Grandmaster Z’ir is another story however. I don’t usually play him unless it’s all I can do. I am thinking of replacing with something that can close games out rather than stall.

Thank you for the questions! I hope that with enough feedback I’ll go back and explain everything in better detail.


I’ll throw in my 2-cents as a long time Lyonar player who has consistently reached high ranks with it across many different seasons.

This deck is pretty confusing to me. You’re running 3x afterblaze but not even Silverguard Knight? Silverguard Knight is one of the best 3’s in the game and your only 3 drop is Afterblaze which can’t even be played on an empty board. That means that there are many situations in early turns where you can be bricked on plays or waste mana if the opponent can steal or contest mana orbs.

Why are you running 2 decimate? Decimate is tech for something like Jax Truesight which Lyonar can struggle to deal with, but that card isn’t seeing much play at the moment so Decimate is awful. Especialyl in this type of deck where your minions will almost always be positioned to pressure the enemy general and his minions will corresponding be placed close by as well.

Suntide Maiden is also a fairly interesting choice, I’m not a huge fan of it personally but it isn’t the worst card ever I suppose. Normally I’d assume you aren’t running Kron due to dust shortage but this deck is absolutely filled to the brim with legendaries. Grandmaster Z’ir over Kron is a choice that is difficult to justify.

This deck has a lot of glaringly bad matchups as well. Your deck literally has no answer to things like Nimbus and can auto-lose to Dominate Will. It also has an extremely bad Vanar matchup with it’s weak early game and no dispels. Songhai is not looking too hot either with how late game heavy your deck is, and once again lack of dispels.

If I had to make a suggestion I’d say you really need to shift your power more to the mid-game or even early where Lyonar can shine. If you get into a late game slugfest with decks you will lose because they are simply better at it then you. Lyonar excels at aggressive mid-game pressure into game ending burst damage. Your deck looks like it would play more like a poor man’s vetruvian.


I’m going to test your suggestions. Changes below.
-2 Grandmaster Z’ir +2 Silverguard Knight
-1 Decimate +1 Silverguard Knight
-1 Sun Wisp +1 Inquisitor Kron
-1 Dioltas +1 Inquisitor Kron
-1 Ironcliffe Guardian +1 Inquisitor Kron


i see where u got your inspiration from my friend haha alternate version to my ziran deck. ive made changes since then gud luck tho… im still gunna try my hardest to reach s rank before i post my ziran build highest ive gotten with it is 3rd