Lyonar Help, stuck at rank 10?


Searching for some resourches for the faction, started to play a midrange argeon, after triyng Vanar(Vespyr and Fast), Shongai(Archanyst) and Magmar(Control), but everytime i stucked at rank 10(plaiyng for 2 season, reached rank 9/10).
Atm I’m using something close to the NowayitsJ list on manaranks

Without the Regalia…-.- (replaced with martyrdom)
Can’ t understand why I’m stuck at 10, yay Lyonar is different from other “face” factions that I used to play, more focused on positioning and croudcontrol(provoke/zeal), but really can’ t understand
Every game I finish soo close to the victory…
Can someone help?!?!

Like this faction 'cuz there are some crazy card (Regalia, Immolation, Circle, Ironcliffe…), and many mynions reminds me of dark soul!;D


-2 circle -3 marty +1 immo +2 sojo +2 shieldmaster
(there’s different ways to improve it but this gives you a general idea)

Or alternatively you can switch to tempo instead of the DB version. Deck being unrefined as it is should easily reach 5. And when slightly improved, S. Fact that you’re stuck at 10 means you’re not playing the deck properly. So do pay more attention to that. And do get those regalies if you want to keep playing the DB lyonar.


Your deck is very similar to the top tier S deck. I don’t think the problem come from the deck when you are stuck at rank 10. You should more watch some Diamon/Srank game. It should help.


These are the two Lyonar decks I use in diamond.

This one is similar to yours but it has a lot less unnecessary spells. martyrdom and circle are just bad don’t use them. Pretty much any minion instead of those spells would be better. regalia would be fine too but I don’t use it in my divine bond deck.

This deck is more aggressive and probably a little bit better than the other one but its also more expensive. decent draw, easy to remove enemy minions with spells/opening gambits and regalia is a must with this archetype. lightbender is for vanar wall decks and veturian obelisks and aymara healer mostly. pandora can be replaced with pretty much any big, lategame minion which you’ll need because you will run out of steam in 6 or so turns if you never draw the spelljammer.

hope that helps. i’m not good at explaining why things are good, only at explaining why things are bad.


I am surprised no one is using Repulsor beast in their Lyonar deck. Is it a bad card? Because in my experience it is the MVP in most of my matches. It’s such a good feeling to repulsor an Aymara or any minion blocking the enemy general to land your killing blow.


I think that comes down to the three slot being a very contested slot. Repulsor beast used to be a main staple of decks everywhere back when we drew two cards a turn. Nowadays people favor playing a bigger minion or more powerful spell. That said, I do like the repulsor beast, but his fragility makes me prefer other, more impactful cards instead.


Repulsor is common card in tempo argeon, but not so common in DB argeon. Card’s fragility isn’t really a problem if you run it in a fast deck where any kind of body matters and where it’s effect basically serves as a removal because the repulsor-ed card will never almost never get in range to do anything significant. On the other hand DB lyonar can effectively trade with minions and doesn’t really require a quasi removal of that sort.


mounted the 1st list of @gamemaster, let’s see…(not enought spirit to make other…-.-)!

And why circle is soo unliked?the high cost?


It is good card, but not in this deck. You want new minion on board almost every turn. Circle deals 5 DMG, but in tempo play you dont need heal! I mean… :wink:


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