Lyonar Deck Review: Aggro...ZIR'AN?!


Zir’an’s wonderful Afterglow hasn’t been shining brightly this meta. She’s not as popular as she used to be, and I wanted to rekindle the spark people saw in Zir’an a few months back. But as some may already know, I tend to stray from the meta. And the thought of contesting with the lategame that Arcanysts provide seemed daunting. The end result: Aggro Zir’an.

You’ll notice that there are many cards found in standard Healynar decks (so I suppose this deck isn’t as different as others I’ve posted), but cards like Arclyte Sentinel, Afterblaze, and my personal favorite, Gold Vitriol, help to promote the more aggressive style of play. That’s where the deck becomes vastly different: not in which cards you play, but rather HOW you play them. Don’t be afraid to get your minions into the fray. Even though cards like Scintilla and Sunforge Lancer are potential long-term value generators, they’re also tools to be used to fight for board and tempo which, no matter what Lyonar deck you run, is something you should always fight for, especially in the early game, given that comeback mechanisms for the faction are few and far apart. Besides, in this case, it’s an aggro deck. The idea is that there shouldn’t be too much of a “long term”.

The fast pace of the deck helps you rush down decks hoping to get to the lategame, while the built in healing synergy helps you stay healthy against opposing aggro decks. From a sample size of 30 games between upper gold and mid diamond, it performed very well (a little over 70% success rate), and I’ve been enjoying this deck a lot, maybe in part because I love to play underrated generals the most. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If there are any questions/thoughts about the deck, I’d love to hear them.


with such a low curve, is 3 trinity oath enough draw?


I like it a lot, but I have a question: why Ziran over Argeon? Isn’t his BBS better for this kind of deck, even with the Heal synergy?


No Lucent Beam for surprise burst? Why?

Judges in portuguese.


3 Trinity Oath cards have always been fine for me. Games don’t drag out too long, and between them and Afterblaze on my Zeal minions, I don’t tend to run out of steam.


The main reason for Zir’an over Argeon is to help maintain a healthy board state. Argeon’s BBS is great, and you could definitely try him, but I wanted to use Zir’an so that I can have an easier time keeping my board alive while I apply pressure. Lyonar’s power is derived from the board, and if my BBS doesn’t heal my minions, I can’t use them as recklessly without losing them, and with Lyonar, it’s hard to keep the pressure up once you lose your board.


You could probably sub out Gold Vitriol :cry:or maybe Lasting Judgement if you want to add it in. I felt it was more of a luxury than a necessity though. The artifact probably isn’t necessary, but it holds sentimental value to me, and I feel that life would simply be worse without it. Hopefully you understand (in Portuguese if necessary).

(it was at this moment that I realized making 1 larger reply to everyone would be a whole lot simpler.)


You bet your sweet patootey I’ll be trying this, thanks for the inspiration.


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