Lyonar deck highest rank 3. Open to advice


So with this deck the highest I’ve been is rank 3. Trying to figure out how I might tweak it to get to S if it’s possible. Thanks.

Argeon Highmayneargeon Highmayne x1
Healing Mystic x3
Lasting Judgement x2
Sun Bloom x2
Sunstone Templar x3
Tempest x2
Windblade Adept x3
Arclyte Sentinel x3
Martyrdom x3
Silverguard Knight x3
Arclyte Regalia x3
Holy Immolation x2
Primus Shieldmaster x3
Circle Of Life x2
Ironcliffe Guardian x3
Elyx Stormblade x1
Grandmaster Z’ir x1


You’re running aggro cards like Sun Wisp and Tempest but lots of control/tempo cards. What are you aiming for?


Sun wisp wasn’t in the deck. I started like a month or so ago. Just experimenting to create my own instead of copy paste other peoples decks. I may have to replace tempest or cut down my 2 cost minions.


Oh, I read Sun Bloom. Anyways, the curve seems a little high. And I haven’t used him but Zir seems pretty dead in hand. Bloodtear is now shroud removal and a good Immolation target. I’m not sure why you’re running 3 Cliffe and no DB but maybe it works?


Don’t try to go the control route. That would be my tip. Lyonar doesn’t have any card to regain board control outside of Holy Immolation and it is kinda poopy once you have fallen behind, so you are just making it harder for yourself if you try to make the game go any longer than they absolutely have to be. Go for tempo cards.

I would cut the Sunstone Templar and just play Arcanists, cut the Martyrdom and play Doltas, cut the Judgement and play Saberspine Tiger. Those are all cards that can act in a similar way but are much stronger offensively/in a tempo game.


i hope those tips given are from persons who used lyonar from rank 5 to s rank


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Just hit S-Rank 5 minutes ago, this is the list that got me there.

Overall it took me 149 games to go from Silver to S this month. It’s my second month of playing and my first time hitting S. I won 60% of my games (90 games in total). After 9 games I was out of Silver, then I stayed in Gold for 56 games and eventually I left Diamond after 84 games. My win rate in Silver was 55.5%, 62.5% in Gold and 59.5% in Diamond.

I played this deck for all of the 150 games. Most of the deck didn’t change throughout these games, but there are three cards that were always in flux: Skorn, Tempest, Sun Bloom. I tried Slo for some time, I tried Divine Bond and Afterblaze, I played Dancing Blades and Kron for a bit. All of those seemed to be too situational for me. Slo is cute when he works but most of the time just a dumb pet. Divine Bond and Afterblaze feel great when they kill your opponent out of nowhere but from my experience opponents in Diamond rarely ever let you start the turn with any sort of significant board presence so keeping DB/Afterblaze in hand always felt like waiting for something that was never going to happen. Dancing Blades and the new Kron felt too weak for their cost.

Eventually I decided to go for what felt to me like the most aggressive route that still lets you play with cards to deal with whatever your opponent is doing (that’s why I don’t like the All-in type of Zoo decks as they feel much too volatile to me and I hate just sitting there feeling like I’m at the mercy of whatever my pponent does).

The different match-ups were all over the place.

Argeon - good match-up if they’re Zoo because of all the AoE damage and dispel, 50/50 if they’re mid-range
Zir’An - can’t remember when I’ve last met one
Kaleos - felt like a good match up because most of their plays are more cute than strong and provoke/dispel let you control the game quite well
Reva - shit match-up. Feels like playing catch with a jet plane. Doesn’t matter much whether they kite you with artifacts, drive their ranged minions to victory or just burn you down. Not sure what to tech against that. Decimate? Aegis Barrier? Mystics?
Zirix/Sajj - also tough match-ups. Obelysks are hard to deal with if you don’t have all the right answers at the right time and their removal seems to be well suited for taking out Lyonar stuff.
Lilithe - decent to good match-up, once again because of the Skorns, the Tempests and the dispel
Cassy - tricky match-up. If they draw well their deck feels really unfair, if you draw well, it’s easy. Seems very draw-dependant.
Vaath - probably my favourite match-up because both decks are trying to do the same thing: kill the enemy before they kill you. Always makes for interesting and close games.
Starhorn - feels like a good match-up because their BBS helps you just as much as it helps them and the cheap minions Lyonar plays are on average better than Magmar’s.
Faie - felt like a good match-up because it seems to me as if they’re trying to do the same thing you do but with worse removal/minions.
Kara - only met a couple of them since the patch and they all played a wall-type of the deck which felt like a very good match-up because - once again - of all the dispel and AoE damage effects.

So in short: I feel like the good match-ups are good because of Lyonar’s above-the-curve-minions and the amount of dispel/AoE effects the deck can run without loosing too much tempo. The terrible match-ups just feel terrible because I don’t know how to deal with things that just run away from me or trade free minions/attacks all day long.

I guess the answer might be to go more aggressive. Or to find some sort of tech? Dunno.

Bonus philosophical question: kill the Spelljammer on sight or take advantage of their initial tempo loss in order to build a board presence that forces them to trade their Jammer? Never figured that one out.

Hope the rest helps you a bit though! (:

Don’t really know what to do against Reva or Vet. Some different tech is needed for those


I love the Circle of Life. I think that card is extremely underrated. I just hope it doesn’t get too popular because it is the perfect answer to my Grove Lions :skull_crossbones: