Lyonar deck help





And perhaps add some more text describing what kind of help you want or what problems you have :wink:


More Regalias and you probably don’t need Solarius, anyway pretty good deck.


Yeah, it looks pretty good. I don’t know if you have tried running 1 or 2x of Afterblaze but I think it might be a good swap for Sojourner or Solarius. Earlygame if they don’t have a dispel and you throw that bad boy down on Azurite or Windblade you can deal like 12+ face damage with it.

What are you having problems with particular? We could probably suggest some strategies or tech cards to help the more bumpy matchups.


i would probably replace sojourners and solarius by 3 trinity oach.

other than that i don’t think divine bond deck is viable in diamond +, atleast i haven’t seen it work.


Deck seems quite confused as to what it’s trying to be. Slo and Alchemist indicate aggro whereas Ironcliffe Guardian and Sojourner indicate mid range or control. You’re going to get some awkward draws and a lack of synergy. My advice would be to pick a plan- dedicated aggro or dedicated mid range/control, and go all in on it. A control build shouldn’t have Alchemists and an aggro build shouldn’t have Sojourners.


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