Lyonar Arcanyst Decks. Need Help! Please!


Not just Owlbeast Punch.

  1. Arcanyst Swarm Brome:


The idea is that Firestarter/Illu synergises with SurgeForger/Auroara. Also Divine liturgy with Bolster as a backup plan if Owlbeast is removed. Steadfast for swarm stunlocks.

Doesn’t work. I’m sad. Any thoughts? Do you think it can work at all?

  1. Heal Arcanyst.
    [healarcana 2]MToyMywzOjE1LDM6MjIsMjoyNCwzOjM4LDI6MTAzMDEsMzoxMDMwMiwzOjEwMzA1LDI6MTEwOTQsMzoyMDA0MywzOjIwMDQ0LDI6MjAwNjcsMjoyMDA5MCwzOjIwMTkwLDI6MjAyMzIsMzoyMDI4MA==

Pretty obvious deck. Heal for earlygame, arcanyst for lategame and draw.

Doesn’t work. I’m sad. Any thoughts? Do you think it can work at all?


How about Araras and (3x) Trinity Wing in place of Lightchaser and Conjurer for Ziran? I’m no Lyonar expert so that’s mainly as far as my ideas go. Although Lancer could also be more terrifying than Sun Seer for this deck.


I oppose Trinity Wing in this deck, since we don’t have many Arcanysts to trigger Bond. Also bodies seem better than spells for Healyonar. Araras and Aethermaster though… Maybe.


Those 1 mana heals could be sweet though. But yep it’s hard to tell whether Trinity could work without seeing the deck in action.


I tried Trinity and found out that it rarely gets to utilise its bond effect.


Did you ever consider running Sunstrike? It works wonders when you want to heal multiple targets at once. Auroara seems like a nice fit in your Swarm deck; I think it’ll combo well with Illusionist. You can also try Lifestream in your Heal deck to get multiple Owlbeasts on the board at the same time. Besides, it’s a cheap spell.


Isn’t Holy Immo better than Sunstrike generally?

I believe you play swarm Brome. I would be interested in your draft using Arcanyst synergy if you don’t mind.

Had Auroara in previous draft, btw. I tend to play it and then follow by Illu + BBS which gives it +6 atk alone. The problem is everybody knows that Auroara is a threat and tries to remove it preemptively.

Am I doing smth wrong?

Now I try Surgeforger cause it also buffs Illusions, thus giving some value even if removed.

this was waht meziljie played last week in mdl, should be p good


Thanks for being willing to help! Really.


It’s owlbeast punch. Boooooring.

I have a pretty simialr (and working) owlbeast punch deck myself:

[owlbeast punch 2]MToxLDM6MTAzMDIsMzoxMDMwMywzOjEwMzA1LDI6MTAzMDYsMzoxMDk5MywzOjExMDk0LDI6MTExNTIsMjoyMDA0NiwyOjIwMDY0LDM6MjAwNjgsMjoyMDA5MCwzOjIwMTIwLDM6MjAxNjEsMjoyMDIzMiwzOjIwMjMz

It’s nohing fancy, and everybody knows about this strategy. I want something original. But thanks, still, and I mean it.:kissing_heart:

Do you see what I mean?


owlpunch is the one true arcanyst lyo deck :stuck_out_tongue: not running bond when you ahve owl seems like a mistake , I know you are trying to meme, but arcanyst is already pretty meme, going too far out will only leave you with a list that loses a lot.

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