Lurking Fear deck - Casual play to Diamond Rank


Been playing this deck mainly in a casual sense. This means I mostly play for dailies with the focus on Abyssian and this deck (keep general quests and switch out other factions when I can to keep using this). I say that to mean I didnt grind with this deck solely to reach Diamond, but its the core and it was done casually so its easy to do for others.

Here is the deck:

Breakdown of cards:

Cass vs. Lilthe - I chose Cass mainly due the added ping damage. With Gor in this deck i have a main ritual target and the added Wraithlings dont provide much. This deck can be weak to out of the way targets and ranged (mainly Reva decks) so the ping damage helps.

Sphere or Darkness - Such a good spell. Useful in any Abyssian deck and great for cycling. I keep it early if a lurking fear doesnt show up so i can hopefully cycle to get one on turn 2.

Jaxi - A good fit for theme, but not exactly the best. Sometimes a nice early removal check or way to bait it out. I also sometimes use it as a ritual target early game if no Gor is around.

Gor - fill a 2 drop slot, themed with the deck and lets us ritual easily. It also helps cover corners and gives some reach to annoying enemy minions. Easily swappable for Sarlac who i originally had in the deck, but with Gor being cheaper and providing almost the same benefit, I kept him instead. Might try Sarlac again…

Lurking Fear - The core of the deck. As anyone knows whos played with this card, its definitely a card a you mulligan for HARD in the first turn. Lurking Fear is great early, but poor any other time and you need to drop at least 3 Dying wish minions to get value out of it. So Lurking Fear turn 1 is a must. A second lurking fear can be played, but subjective. I only really do it when i can play it both turn 1 and 2 and still keep tempo. Otherwise, I replace it every other time since its initially a slow card.

Spectral Blade - Super good and sometimes underrated or under-appreciated in todays meta. This weapon lets you keep up on board and provides some bonus healing (which this deck is skimpy on). Most importantly it lets you continue to play aggressively especially early game.

Void Hunter, Necroseer - Solid bread and butter cards. Once you hit a single Lurking, these 2 are champs for keeping you moving by refilling your hand AND laying solid threats on board. These are always interesting cards to watch the enemy play against. Some will just kill them and take damage or loose big minions, others will use dispel and not have it later for things like Rot9Ms or Vorpal. Either way, they usually benefit you more than the enemy.

Unseven - Handy for early game surprise Rot9Ms or Vorpal, but also good at adding board presence. Often times, he gets hit by dispel but hes a weaker one for them to waste it on so its usually beneficial. I sometimes consider putting a second one in, but since he IS often dispelled, hes lackluster afterwards so its not always recommended.

Dioltas and Rot9Ms - Strong tempo cards (Reaper more so) and nice targets for Shadow Reflection (tombstone for Dioltas of course) if you dont have a Vorpal. Reflecting the tombstone is actually quite effective. Most times when he pops out, the enemy has no fear of smacking 1 or 2 times, but once you put 5 damage on it, you can get a solid shot in; usually on the general.

Klaxxon - This deck lacks in Taunts or ways to stall/pull your general away later (minus tombstone). Klaxxon nicely fits the theme and fits that need (plus getting it out earlier can throw peeps off). However, its one of the cards thats easy to switch out.

Vorpal Reaver - Strong finisher and annoying for the opponent to deal with. Fast game ender if it can be followed up with Shadow Reflection on the following turn.

Standard others you see such as demonic lure, ritual, mystic, shroud, repulsor dog all fill the usual needs.

I can see tons of cards being changeable - Jaxi, Klaxxon, Unseven, etc. I mainly tried to put forward a strong aggressive deck that maintains the Lurking theme. So if you replace certain cards, I would replace them with other good Dying Wish cards where you can. Otherwise Lurking Fear starts to lose value.

Personally, i pilot this deck like this:

First turn (and second turn if necessary) are there to find lurking fear and play it asap. After the first couple of turns though, its a questionable card to play and you can usually keep up with your opponent (just not create threats and tempo as fast as usual). You can use your general to push into them and clear early threats. Spectral Blade is nice there.

Mid game, you are hopefully dropping a good threat or two each turn and after you get in their generals face with a couple (usually things like Void Hunter, Dioltas, Necroseer) you can pull back your general for safety and to drop Rot9Ms. Use removal as needed to keep you moving.

Side Note on removal - i wouldnt necessarily add more Repulsar dogs to this deck, but save one in hand for specific minions that you DON’T want to damage at all like Lantern Fox and Nimbus. Delay their value in those cards by pushing them away. Songhai can of course bring the fox back, but usually at the cost of combos.

Try to save Shadow Reflection for Rot9Ms or Vorpal for game closers, but its even decent on a Jaxi spawn for early damage leads or problem targets.

I know some people think Why no Consuming Rebirth? Its totally an option, but since it requires certain board states and doesnt work with all these minions (Unseven, Rot9Ms) I personally dont use it. I tried and found I replaced it way too often. Awesome when it works well with things like Vorpal, but was just too inconsistent for my taste and too many spell heavy hands (this already has 15 spells).

I still tweak this deck since I dont feel Lurking Fear decks are optimal, but i wanted to play with the card as soon as i saw it and this deck has been fun and decent to play. Enjoy and let me know any good tweaks you find!


I approve! I mainly run swarm (have been for 8 seasons) but I have always wanted to try some dying wish shenanigans. You have provided some good reasoning on the card selections. I will likely run this list some next month. Nice work!


Link to my dying wish deck, it’s the second list. Reanimator Abyssian: Copying my Reddit series over to here

You took a very different route then me, I like the potential of mixing Creep and Dying wish, but you don’t actually seem to be running any of the creep support stuff. I would try something like this.

I feel you really don’t want to run the low cost dying wish units as they actually make Unseven worse since he might pull one of them instead of klax, plus they really empty out your hand. Speaking of him 1 is a little light, 3 is a little overkill, chances are, even running the dying wish draw guys, if you play more then one Unseven in a game he won’t have a target in hand, but you do want to see him early so I think two is the right number.

As amazing as vorpral is you have Zer0 death watch stuff so his power is not quite what it usualy is. I do like 9 moons, and his offensive power is great. But Dio is consistent and defensive which I think the deck needs more. Making the deck a hybrid leaves it really cramped on room and I think Dio and Klax will do the job the deck needs best. If your running creep, creep has some of the best finishers, so I think fitting those is better then reaper or vorpral.

Without running Lilith I am not nearly as inclined to run sacrifice cards either. I think this set up could be really strong. It lets you use dying wish as sort of a draw engine+the potential for early klax, while still being a mostly functional creep deck. Deck packs enough draw and cycles to make sure you get your azelas or obliterate once you have enough creep to make use of them to finish the game.

It may need to make some more room for healing for as it stands now hard face decks and spell hai could be rough. But who knows.


Thanks for all the advice. Most of the cards you want me to add are cards i dont have or didnt really want to craft yet. Plus, i feel our decks are just different in style and almost flip-flopped. Yours centers around creep with lurking fear being bonus, mine lurking centric with creep tiles as a bonus.

I know that currently Lurking Fear isnt exactly consistent, but i really want it to be and i love the idea of a deck that doesnt follow the exact montra of either ‘kill stuff to make one beefy deathwatch minion’ or ‘make a bunch of creep and explode it.’ Both are great themes, but I hope I can find something new.

Once I get some Azelas and Obliterate I will have to try your version though! Seems generally more consistent for sure.


Understood. Just seems Lilith is probably a better bet if you don’t have the creep support. I have a lot of fun with my reanimator dying wish deck (second list on the thread I linked you). And if you don’t want to go full on reanimator Revenant, and Keeper can be replaced for some early game stuff/more dying wish things. At that point the list starts to look a lot like yours without need to rely on gor.

Anyways good luck, I really like what you have going on here, espcaly since your just working with what you have! You definitely made very good use of your current collection.