Love/Hate forum game


A simple enough game, write one thing that you absoloutly love about Duelyst and follow it up with the thing you absoloutly hate. You may only chose one for each, so take your time. Explanations are optional.

As it goes, I’ll start first.

Love: how some obscure cards/decks can perform quite well despite the firm meta.

Hate: so called staple cards, they tend to limit the options while deckbuilding and leave you feeling like you have no real choice.


Love: The extremely high aesthetic quality of the game
Hate: The growing trend of uninteractablility in the gameplay






Love : Fire wielding sand architects, stealthy ninja/assassin mage and gold plated sun warriors
Hate : Dark, grim and corrupted monsters, big, dumb, mean and green dinos, cold and boring ice people


Love : playing my (or other’s) funny, goofy, unsual decks but …
Hate : having to fight the same mainstream meta deck shit 3 times in a row on my daily gaming session (usually insta conceding after 3 if it’s the same General again and switching to Rift)


Love: Making cool letals whit basic card combos derivating on insane damage thanks to posicionating.

Hate: Please no more S-Ranks on my climbing pls


Love : Prismatic Serpenti for everyone on rift gift box
Hate : 4C1R


LOVE: creating new/different deck building strategies & combos.

HATE: waiting for the next Duelyst update


LOVE: winning
HATE: losing


Love: This forum
Hate: Isbee :wink: Warbird


Love: Hate
Hate: Love

But seriously,

Love: this community
Hate: Duelyst is not on Android yet


Love : Abyssian
Hate : that 3 mana neutral minion with rush 3/2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Love: Meme decks, keeper of the vale and this community
Hate: ******* ******** **** OFF FAIE ARCANYST DECKS


Love: Songhai
Hate: Abyssian


I think you put that the wrong way round


Oh sorry:

Hate: Abyssian
Love: Songhai


Bud, you just got played


Still waiting for the frenzy/ 4 health fanatics to find this thread



Shutup and let me spam caps, forum editor.