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Lost In The Desert


Not really. At least rebuke doesn’t go face.

The only thing that saves it from the well deserved community wrath is the overall state of Magmar.


**feels better than rebuke

at least you can play around it


Just quoting myself here

As a standalone case this card is imo far more busted than anything Magmar got this expansion, only saving grace is that Vet got it. People are just too busy with Magmar right now to even notice.


Looks like another poll is in order:

What is more broken?

  • Lost in the desert
  • Thunder horn
  • Magmar stuff

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Kinda pointless people are always going to pick Magmar stuff. To get a better sense of what people think you need to put something else like Flawless Reflection/EMP/Ghost Seraphim.


I mean, looking at the nerf hreads these past seven days, it’s only been this one, the Magmar ones, and that odd one about Arcanyst Vanar, so here we are.


zirix is the meta right now. the ratio of zirix to vaath in gold is 5:1. between repulsor beast, recombobulous, bone swarm and falcius it’s not possible to prevent zirix getting the 6 to face for 4 mana. the most you can do is prevent it getting value on a minion as well too early which often means being unable to take mana tiles or clear zirix’s board. a card that forces defensive positioning and denies actions from turn 2 shouldn’t be designed so it’s guaranteed to get value in the end anyway.


That’s sarcasm right?


I think that Lost in the Desert is the more broken card even out of all the stuff magmar got, but the cards magmar did get completely filled in their weaknesses and thats why as a faction they are so OP at the moment.


over 38 ranked games this month i’ve faced 7 zirix’s (more than any other general) and 1 vaath. would you care to cite some conflicting figures from your own match history?


It’s more or less the same for me, it’s just that i find it a bit far fetched to declare Zirix meta based on Gold division usage numbers. Even assuming our numbers are representative for the division as a whole. Most of the serious S-rankers made S-rank/Diamond several days ago.

I mean i would be laughing my ass off for days if Zirix actually ends up as the dominating force in the meta after all the Magmar whining but i don’t think i am that lucky.


It’s an excessively strong card but hasn’t been centralising the meta around it so it’s the lesser evil right now. I’d still put it slightly below Holy Immolation in terms of power against most decks after we all adjust to it, make of that what you will.

It’s interesting how Vet has all this removal now that can both control the board and go face at the same time. Boneswarm, Curse, Lost, Fury and BoA.


It wouldn’t be well deserved because the card is not really broken. Very powerful, hands down, but since requires a specific condition (having enemies isolated) to work fully, cannot be considered wrath worthy.


I think comparing Lost in the Dessert to Holy Immolation is a bit overdoing it, unlike Immolation you can’t just throw dessert in every Vet deck and expect to gain value. I think comparing it to Decimate would be much better (which, surprise surprise, also has perfect synergy with Thunderhorn) since both of them can be quite powerful for their cost yet can be nullified by proper positioning.


I think you guys underestimate how easy it is to make a couple of nests of 2 minions.

The whole problem with the card is that thunderhorn forces you to play into it and, once again, we have thunderhorn warping the meta. I wonder how different the game as while it will be when it rotates out


And also thunderhorn is neutral, so its OPness can’t be justified by faction identity.


not at all. Thunderhorn in Vet can’t do anything the turn it’s played so you can hold something to deal with it. Lost might kill 1 back line value nerd but (similar to Makantor) shouldn’t be a game winner unless you play into it.

A “squad” mentality plays around both (as much as one can play around both) simultaneously. I’ll try to keep one or two guys with me and and have 2 more that stay together- but separate from myself and my “squad”. That way we are immune to a raw Lost and if Thunder comes out we already have a degree of space, giving us more breathing room/options.

as far as Gauntlet goes- I HATE draft formats so I just don’t play it at all.


you’re talking about being able to establish and maintain 4 minions on board? i don’t know how that’s remotely realistic unless you’re playing swarm lyonar.


or Golem Vet or Swarm Lilithe or Vespyr Vanar or my Ragnard deck or mid range Vaath or anything Mech (edit) or my Oby Vet list that I took that package from but yeah, you’re right.

the salt level in your reply is like a million…salt…points…or however salt levels are measured.


Lost in the Salt Desert?