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Lost In The Desert


I am probably just bad but I really hate this card. The fact that it hits face is, well, a slap to the face.


It’s just a direct counter to many Songhai decks I play.

No teleportation for me :frowning:

And I play them to avoid Thunderhorn


Favorite card from the expac after gust (gust is my favorite card in the game)


Salt aside, I have to say that the card is nice for vet (who I don’t play much) since it’s just another way to get rid of distant value generators. I believe this card finally made vet distant removal not lacking. With this and BoA it’s finally enough.


the card is great- but it’s honestly not that hard to play around.

I will say that Bone Swarm + Lost + Thunderhorn + BoA is my favorite removal package by far. so much fun


I dislike the fact that the card does damage to the general, but I’m fine with the card apart from that. It kinda makes it too hard to counter Thunderhorn and Lost in the Desert without taking too much damage to the general. Since I’m not a fan of avoiding one AoE but you’ve fallen for the other AoE anyway, because its the way to play around the first one. Doesn’t feel very fun to play against when they run both.


Say it’s not hard to play around, provides a kit that is literally impossible to play around.

If you have one minion, they kill and LotD. If you spread, LotD. If you don’t, Thunderhorn.

That aside, I’m getting so fucking pissed with Gauntlet, I don’t know what it is, but I can NEVER do well in it (for the love of god don’t recommend a streamer, already done).


Welcome home brother, welcome home (sniffles).


The way to play around it is kill thunderhorn, there is really not much else you can do. As for doing well in gauntlet, my advice would be not to misplay, I find it tends to help.


I like lost in the desert. It’s fun card. And way better than circle of desiccation or w/e the kill all non structures card is.


I have really conflicted opinions. I like that you can play around it, but the combo with Thunderhorn is so strong, it’s so much damage. If Vet ever gets a way to clear minions easily from range this will be oppressive, but until then I guess it just bullies Songhai.


I think this card is pretty awesome thematically speaking. But combined with other position based tools, it can be pretty mean. I don’t think it needs nerfs at all, but definitely something that should be watched closely as things develop.


At least this card is highly position-dependant. Last two expansions are really generous with such effects.

And most people here seem to like them.


Thunderhorn is the problem, as usual. Generals should break the chain and be immune to the effect.

Lost in the Desert is a great design, if a tad high in damage. 6 damage for 4 mana makes Spiral Technique jealous and the effect has impressive coverage when combined with Boneswarm and BoA.


Long live Lost in the Desert! This card was desperately needed, it’s perfect the way it is and makes vet a more competitive faction in the removal department.


Favorite vet card of the xpac, a beautiful design. And while tough to play around the full package, its certainly doable, same with magmars kit.


it hard counters songhai like betrayal hard counters lyonar

now we just need 1 card to hard counter magmar and well be golden


Found one:

P.s. Lost in the desert is probably the second saddest card in the game, right behind Jaxi. The dude in the animation is so lonely… As for its power, It can counter Songhai hard, and is nuts with Thunderhorn, but what card isn’t nuts with Tunderhorn? Everyone and their mother have cards to break Thunderhorn.


The design is amusing to me. I was hoping for more position-oriented cards, and that’s what we were given.

My one concern is the damage output. 6 damage for 4? That’s a lot! Even if it only hits one enemy, it doesn’t feel bad playing. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m fine just using this to hit face. Comparing this to Phoinex Fire, it’s the same damage-to-mana ratio, but with added board wipe potential.

That’s what I dislike about the card. It’s supposed to be a card used for its powerful AoE effect, but it’s still perfectly fine hitting a single enemy. This is the only AoE card I’ve ever seen that doesn’t feel bad playing for minimal value.

It’s so strong that when I have to choose between playing around this vs another card, I always play around Lost in the Desert because it’s simply more punishing to not play around.

Were it me, I’d cut the damage in half. Make it feel bad to play unless it actually has AoE applications. As it is now, it feels more like a Timmy card, and doesn’t require much piloting to be effective.


still better than rebuke