Losing battles to have a stronger deck?


Hello guys. I played last year in november with vetruvian (reaching diamond ranking) and this october with lyonar (reaching gold ranking), having a great time.

Now, this month of november I’ve restarted the game creating a second account, with no cheating. Playing with Lyonar again from level 30 to level 13, with 29 victories/6 loses in ranked games and 4/3 v/l in gauntlet.

Now in 12-13 level rank I play against experienced players (with 100 victories ribbon) and with lots of legendary/epic cards in their decks. On the other hand, I only have 3 legendary cards and 6 epic cards!!! and I only use in my Lyonar/neutral deck 1 legendary and 3 epic cards!!!

I use crafting disenchanting other faction cards but anyway my collection is terribly poor in comparison with my oponents decks. I don’t like to lose battles, but the only way to have gold coins is playing 4 online combats with the other factions and lose them because I don’t have decent cards in the other factions.

What do you think? Anyway, this game is great.


Lyonar doesn’t even need that many legendaries, it’s the cheapest faction right now imo, the only one you need is regalia, but some of the fastest Lyo decks don’t even use it. Check out the managlow rankings for details.


Well if you want to go pure f2p you just need more time. I can advice you to not grind too much without actual quests to do or you will get burnt fast. I mean if your goal is purely to make gold, once you complete the quests, keep playing is just inefficient. Other than that when you are skilled enough you can consistently achieve 7 wins in gauntlet leading to infinite runs, but you will need time.

If you don’t mind about getting gold asap and just want to keep playing I’m quite sure you could reach at least diamond even with budget decks (requiring mostly rares and few epics), sometimes it’s a matter of skills and not of better cards, the learning curve is kinda high. There should be plenty of budget decks guides out there


Well, a gauntlet run could be a possibility of having cards, thanks for the info.

Anyway I see that after having a 29 victories/6 loses run from the initial level 30, I find that my deck is terribly poor. Perhaps the game is not well balanced at this point.


I can assure you that mostly with basic cards you can easily reach at least gold division (ranks 10-6)


I personally think that in duelyst you can reach high ranks without expensive (and even budget) decks.

That being said, you can try gauntlet runs since they give you more than ladder and replace quests you dont want. Yet i think they are a cool way to learn other factions :slight_smile:


Since you don’t drop rank from level 20, 10 or 5 it’s a common strategy to only start the quests with factions that you are not that proficient at after reaching those milestones.

But it’s really not a requirement to have many legendaries until diamond rank playing with Lyonar. If you’re just starting out I recommend MegaMogwai’s Budget Lyonar guide. He demonstrates how to build a deck with only starter cards that can even earn you some wins in S-rank.

Otherwise, playing gauntlet is a good way to earn gold too. After 3 wins you break even and every win after that you earn more gold / spirit than just buying a spirit orb would net you. And you gain valuable experience too!


Thanks for all replies. At this moment I don’t want to copy and paste another player’s decks. I like to learn slowly.

In my case I see easy to reach gold rank like last month but there are big differences between decks of new level 11-13 players (coming from 30 level) and old 11-13 level players who were gold/diamond rank in past months.

In order to create more balance between players, game should take into account not only the level, but also the number of combats a player has played.


Topics like this show up like once a week and the answer is always the same.

You don’t need a lot of shiny legends to make S-rank. To make an S-rank worthy lyonar deck you need 2 legs (regalia) and 3 epics (immolation). Everything else is at most nice to have. When you hit a wall in silver this isn’t because of the spirit value of your deck, but because of your skill level. There is a quite significant skill increase when you get closer to gold and it seems your not ready for this yet, at least not this early in the month where the skill level is higher in general.

Using the amount of games as a factor for matchmaking isn’t a good idea. The learning curve differs greatly between different people. Some make S-rank in their first month, others play for a year without ever reaching gold. The matchmaking would be completely off if it took that into account.


When I first started playing Duelyst, I laddered until low silver, then farmed gold just to play gauntlet. As long as you win 3 battles or do some daily quest while in gauntlet, you break even on the 150 gold investment.


Having experienced players farm newbies with perfectly tuned meta decks at low ranks as an easy way to earn in-game currency unfortunately has been part of any F2P card game I have played so far. I would say it is an inevitable consequence of the F2P business model. Losing against decks with better cards one does have access to is the stick which is supposed to drive players to spend real money on advancing their card collection.

The only advise I can give you is too suck it up and accept that you will simply lose a lot against more experienced players with better cards. It slowly will get better and at some point you then can do the same other other newbies. Circle of Love.


Nice explanation ezekeel ;D


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