Lose opening gambit with mirror meld?


I assume this is functioning as intended? I tried to mirror meld a healing mystic and was a bit butt-sore at the result. So assumption is noooo opening gambits will work with mirror-meld? because other card effects do duplicate… rules of this game are about as clear as mud.


raqyee meme for sure. I give you a mushrooms you will see game clearer.


Learning experiences :laughing:

“Summon a copy of a friendly minion that costs 2 or less nearby.”

The main word “Summon” is misleading. I think “Clone” would assist in clearer terminology.


Opening Gambits work when minions are directly summoned through your hand. Copying, revival, Reaper of the Nine Moon’s effect, and other methods of summoning minions do not activate opening gambit.


I think the issue is how there are no clear means of how players are supposed to know this. It’s extremely similar to players learning how dispel works on essentially everything…until they try to dispel a stun.


Or dispel mark of solitude


But stun is dispellable,

If i remember well.


It is not. Every new players’ mistake.


I got to s-rank without knowing this XD


I think the opening gambit description is pretty clear: “Triggers an effect when summoned from your action bar.” Stun is indeed a weird effect.


Bad assumption is bad


Does anybody know if you can dispel the vanar card that prevents all damage to your general.


Yes, you can dispel Concealing Shroud.


I found that out the hard way. I thought I had lethal by dispelling the stun from an Icy. I don’t know why Stuns can’t be dispelled though.


yeah if you dispel a Marked of Solitude minion, it CAN attack generals from then


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Opening Gambit triggers whenever summoned from your action bar,

Rules of the game sound crystal clear to me…


Gonna lock thread as questions been answered.