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"Looks like you're running an old version"

I used to get stuck at the Game Center screen, but re-downloaded the game from TF this morning, it’s now sticking me on this page:

…and when I click “here” … it reloads and comes back to this screen : /

Anyone else?

What’s your Phone/Model?
Iphone 6

Same, I downloaded the update from testflight, but it does that to me too. Is our trial for the beta access over or is it a bug? Only the devs know

IPhone 6

P sure the update hasn’t been released for mobile yet

Right on, we’ll see. I’m seeing lots of problems coming from folks w/ iPhone 6… perhaps that’s another “weak” spot. I wouldn’t blame them for optimizing for newer HW if that’s the case… but would be bummed I don’t have a newer phone :slight_smile:
I’ve found the latest iOS updates to slow performance on other areas of my 6

All of the issues have been happening here on the 6s as well, and I believe everywhere. I wouldn’t worry about having a phone that’s too old unless you had a 4 or something.

It’s just because the mobile version hasn’t been updated

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The mobile version should be updated now. If it isn’t let me know :smiley:


Dope. Thank you!

still same error

Probably for the same reason. Just wait a bit for the update

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I’m still having the issue. Any word on updates? Deleted and reinstalled the app to try and force an update.

There was a new update, but now it just crashes upon opening.
iPhone 6