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Looking to improve my Ragnora deck


Greetings everyone. So… I might be rank 14, but I think I’ve found a really good deck that I could use to climb. It’s not refined yet, so that’s why I’m writing this post to ask you for your help.

This is what I’d say is aggro/combo Ragnora. It has a lot of cheap cards to contest the board early, especially the Cryptographer can snowball the game if your opponent doesn’t immediately respond to the summoned egg. It also contains quite a lot of buffs mostly for buffing Ripper. Also tons of Rebirth minions are here to be very sticky for your opponent, and you can also hatch them with either Wild Inceptor or Morin-Khur - you don’t always need to hatch Ripper with them.

Possible replacements:

  • 2x Primus Shieldmaster > 1x Makantor Warbeast & 1 Morin-Khur
  • 2x Natural Selection > 2x Egg Morph
  • 1x Thraex > 1x Embryotic Insight

Makantor and Khun instead of Primus for pretty obvious reasons. I’m not sure about Nat Select and Egg Morph - the first one is cheaper, but the second one appeals to me as more consistent, and it can also hatch an egg if necessary. And also Thraex for one more Insight, because I can sometimes notice I’m running out of cards quickly.

I’ll be greatful for any advice from more experienced players. I myself played a lot of Duelyst, but I had breaks here and there, so more advice won’t hurt. ;D


Cut veteran, eldar, kinetic, thrax and phalanxar.

For sure add in two homeostatic rebukes

Add in two more makantors, three lavaslashers, and three golem metallurgists

Add in two more morinkhurs

If youd preferto be a bit more creative, id still cut whats suggested. Those card choices are way sub optimal.


Some of your spell choices are really strange. Fortitude and Lance makes sense, but Bellow and Equilibrium are not good choices in this deck. Instead, I recommend running Magmar staples such as Flash Reincarnation and Homeostatic Rebuke.


I’m not entirely sure if Flash reincarnation is this good for my deck, although it could be good with my Rebirth minions. But I’m not convinced yet to try it out.

I’m using Equilibrum mainly against swarm decks. And Bellow is mostly for combo potential and buying me some time.

I was considering Rebuke at some point, but I’m not sure what to replace for it. Maybe Thraex completely for what I mentioned + 2x Rebuke?


Flash Reincarnation is recommended in every Magmar deck; it’s that good. So is Rebuke, so I suggest you find some space for it. I guess you can take out Tharex. 아 그리고 혹시 한국분이세요?


I’m not actually Korean xd. I just like my new username.


I was 90% sure you were Korean. Never mind. :thonk:


I must be really bored to do this…

I consider this to be absolute core for Rag


Then some sample lists.

My extinction list

Zab's list off the top of my head

Dank Wave

2 minute buildmar


Interesting builds. Too bad I’m too low on dust. :expressionless:


Well… I’m thinking of dusting some prismatic cards, Allomancer and Winterblade to be exact. I already have 3x normal Allos, and I don’t think I will ever use Winterblade in my deck. This will leave me with 700 dust. Dusting Ragebinder (I have 3x normal and 1x prismatic) and maybe prismatic Bloodhound (again 3x normal) and my spare 20 Dust will leave me with 800. I’m currently considering to craft 2x Homeostatic Rebuke for better AoE or maybe 2x Lava Slasher for more Golem synergy and a good minion on-curve. But I’m more leaning towards Rebuke.


나는 한국인이다

이것이 국제 언어 스레드의 반환입니까?

Google translate gottem


Why would you dust ragebinder? You will probably end up using it. Just keep it.

Also listen to @buyingcoats, for epics priorityze makantor first and then zoetic charm imho


Don’t disenchant anything while you’re new!!! You will lose more than you aquire.

Prismatics are safe to DE though.


Ah, I forgot to say I was thinking to disenchant ONE prismatic copy of Ragebinder and Bloodhound.

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